How to Tell If You Qualify for Unemployment

Do you want to know how to make ends meet while you look for your next source of employment?

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs over the last few years. Some walked away voluntarily, but others experienced an unexpected cessation of employment. For some, this has led to financial hardship and difficulty paying the bills.

Yet, unemployment doesn’t have to remain difficult. Certain people in search of a job qualify for unemployment payments. These checks come from the government and can replace a portion of your income.

As such, knowing whether you qualify for unemployment benefits can keep you afloat while you look for a job. Keep reading to learn whether you can get these benefits!

Why Are You Out of Work?

One of the most important questions you’ll need to answer before qualifying for unemployment relates to why you’re out of work.

Only people who were fired or laid off for no fault of their own can qualify for unemployment. If you left to pursue a new passion or because you didn’t like your job, you can’t get unemployment.

It’s important that you’re honest when you fill out this portion of the unemployment application. The unemployment office will likely notify your old workplace of your unemployment application. If you left voluntarily but claim you were fired or laid off, your old boss will get the chance to correct this with the unemployment office.

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Do You Qualify for Unemployment Financially?

Unemployment offices also give benefits to people who meet their financial eligibility requirements. You must have made a certain amount of money over a certain period of time in order to receive benefits.

The exact amount of money you’ll need to have made will vary from state to state. So, you should check your local requirements for more information.

Many people who have worked at a job for a considerable amount of time will meet this requirement, though.

Are You Searching for a Job?

People who collect unemployment benefits usually must work on finding a new job. Sometimes, states will require benefit recipients to record and report the number of job applications they send in.

So, if you’re not planning on looking for a job any time soon, you might not qualify for the benefits. Check with your local unemployment office to learn about the exact requirements for job searching.

Unemployment offices also want to help you get hired. As such, they often have employment resources available to those who are looking for a job.

Want to Learn More?

Now that you’ve read this guide, you should have an idea of whether you qualify for unemployment.

Unemployment benefits might only last for a certain amount of time. Before you start receiving your benefits, make sure you know when they end. That way, you can manage your time well enough to make sure you get a job by that time!

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