How To Use Threaded Inserts In Automotive Repair

It can be easy to think sometimes that your vehicle is indestructible but it is all just a bunch of nuts and bolts, held together by adhesive, threads, and fasteners.

If any of these threads and bolts come loose, then Houston, we have a problem!

We understand the frustration that can come with having to take your vehicle in for repair, and this is why threaded inserts can be a really handy tool for a quick, easy DIY fix.

Read on to learn more about the process of installing threaded inserts or you can discover additional helpful resources on automotive repair here.

What Is A Threaded Insert?

A threaded insert is a type of metal cylinder that can be inserted into a hole, paving the way for a screw or bolt to be fastened in. They are often used in plastic, metal, and wood.

Threaded inserts, also sometimes referred to as threaded bushings, can be used to repair holes in soft metals such as aluminum and cast iron. They can also make the thread stronger.

Steel threaded inserts used in automotive repair are super easy to install and you can use standard tools to do it.

Why Would I Need A Threaded Insert?

Threaded inserts can be used for several reasons. In the field of automotive repair, it might be the case that the edges of a threaded hole are not able to support a fastener due to degradation over time.

When your vehicle threads have been damaged, thread inserts can be used to create a new, stronger thread hole that a bolt can fit into perfectly.

How Do I Install Threaded Inserts?

To install threaded inserts, just follow these three simple steps:

1. Drill A Hole For The Bolt

Drill a hole for the bolt using a standard drill (the drill size will be specified).

2. Tap The Hole

Next, tap the hole.

3. Apply The Threaded Insert

Lastly, place the threaded insert inside the hole and fasten it using a screwdriver.


What Are The Advantages Of Threaded Inserts In Automotive Repair?

Easy To Install

Threaded inserts are super quick and easy to install, making them an ideal choice for vehicle owners who want to fix up their car quickly, without all the hassle.


Threaded inserts are very strong and durable. Carbon steel solid threaded inserts are made using steel to make them as tough and long-lasting as possible.

As threaded inserts were specifically designed for automation, they are typically the strongest and fastest form of manufacturing fastener.


After installation, these inserts have a self-locking feature. This is achieved through the use of a pre-applied adhesive on the external threads. After insertion, the adhesive will take effect and secure the insert in place.


Threaded inserts are a cost-effective form of automotive repair.

Corrosive Resistant

Stainless steel inserts are designed for metal repair and manufacturing work and stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, enhancing its durability.

Save Time And Money With Threaded Inserts Today

Threaded inserts can help to save you time and money when it comes to fixing up those bolt holes. The speedy and simple installation process gives you the opportunity to fix up damaged threads without unnecessary stress.

Threaded inserts can be an asset when it comes to automotive repair, and can be applied across all cars and commercial vehicles. Are you a first-time car owner? Find out more information on how to keep your vehicle in check.

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