TikTok has taken the world by storm in the past few years. With an estimated 80 million users in the United States, this short-form content app is one of the most popular social media platforms.

The app has created a new generation of celebrities while allowing established brands and others to generate content. From comedy to informative videos, there is something for everyone on this app.

Not sure how to use TikTok? Keep reading for a basic guide on how to get started and begin creating your own content.

Creating an Account

Creating an Account

Once you download the app to your phone, you’ll begin the sign-up process. Begin by opening the app and clicking the tab that says “Me.” You’ll see an option to sign up.

When you click on the sign-up button, it will present you with different sign-up options. From pairing your Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts to using your phone number or email, there are plenty of options.

Next, you’ll input your date of birth. If you choose to use your phone number or email, you’ll create a password and username before continuing.

Finding Content

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After you log in, you’ll want to find videos and creators that you like. To begin, you can scroll through your “For You” page. As you use the app and like videos, the more personalized the content on this page will become.

To find specific videos, you can go to the “Discover” tab. Popular trends are promoted here, but you can use the search bar to look up different content.

Whether you look up “Harry Potter” or “puppies,” you can find and follow different trends and hashtags. This will also help the algorithm generate more personalized content.

Once you find the content you enjoy, you’ll want to follow different creators to help support their videos. To follow, you can tap the small plus sign found under profile pictures, or you can follow them directly from their page.

Creating Your Own Videos

Creating Your Own Videos

TikTok makes creating your own content very simple. To begin, tap on the plus sign in the middle of the dock. Here you’ll be able to find different effects, filters, and music options.

When looking at the different content options, like TikTok vs. Instagram reels, one of the benefits of TikToks is that it allows users to be more creative. With more filters, music options, and time.

After you create your video, you’ll want to add hashtags to the captions. This will make it easier for others to find your video.

Now You Know How to Use TikTok

Using TikTok allows you to be creative and fun! It’s one of the best platforms for users to share their own music, comedy, and other short-form content.

One of the most important social media tips is to monitor the content children see if they use the application. Also, be sure to stay safe and refrain from sharing personal information over the app.

If you found this guide on how to use TikTok helpful, be sure to visit the rest of our website for more helpful technology and internet tips!