Many of us used to go to great lengths to hide our socks in seasons past. From wearing cut-off versions with sneakers to footsie shoe-liners with pumps and ballet flats, socks were not meant to be seen.

Now, though, the high sock trend is one of the most popular around.

Whether you’re pairing sporty tube socks with preppy tennis shoes or pink lurex ankle socks with chunky dad sneakers, you’ll need to pull your socks up if you want to be in style. But for some, wondering how to wear high socks with sneakers without looking like an 80s tennis player is yet another fashion headache to contend with.

Luckily, we’re here to help! Keep reading for our top tips on how to pair high socks with all kinds of different sneaker trends and styles.

Dare to Bare

Dare to Bare

The high sock trend is all about showing off your favorite sock trend. In winter, this likely means pulling up your socks over your leggings for a street-ready athleisure look. But, in spring and summer, leg-bearing shorts, mini dresses, and skirts give you a whole lot more styling options.

Combining a pleated tennis skirt and a hoodie taps into the somewhat preppy feel that socks and sneakers can have. Or, you could go full-on Princess Diana and match your sneakers and socks with cycling shorts, a baggy sweatshirt, and a classic structured bag.

That said, don’t feel that you have to go down the sporty route whenever you want to show off your socks. Socks and sneakers also look great with everything from floral dresses to tailored shorts. Not convinced? Try your favorite kicks on with some old gym socks and see what works. You might need to reconsider proportions or balance a slinky summer look with a jacket or overshirt. But we guarantee that you’re sure to find a way to make the high sock trend fit your personal style.

Consider the Color

Consider the Color

The colors of your chosen socks and sneakers will have a huge impact on the final effect.

Since current shoe trends incorporate all kinds of styles, from bright primary-colored sneakers to box-fresh white kicks, there’s lots of scope for cool color combinations.

Wearing socks in the same color as your New Balance 530 sneakers is an easy way to tap into this trend. You could go for a cute matching look with bright white tube socks and white sneakers. Or, why not draw even more attention to sneakers in an unusual color – such as claret or turquoise – by wearing socks in the same shade?

A more subtle way to bring color into the mix is by wearing socks that pick up on a color detail in your sneaker design. For example, if your sneakers are mostly gray but include some pink detailing, wearing pink socks will highlight this touch.

Or, you could always use color to create contrast. This could mean pairing your bright and colorful sneakers with plain monochromatic socks in white or a subdued neutral shade like gray or beige. Or, if you prefer more understated black or white sneaker trends, colorful sock trends can add some fun to your final look.

Play with Patterns and Textures

Play with Patterns and Textures

Since the idea is to make a statement with your socks, don’t be afraid to go for eye-catching patterns or clashing concepts.

For example, if you tend to play it safe with your style, adding striped or animal print socks is a great way to incorporate a subtle hint of print into your outfit. You could even try combining the high sock trend with the new fashion for print clashing. For example, how about wearing a polka dot blouse and denim shorts with sneakers and striped socks? Or a rainbow stripe sweater with zebra print socks?

Even plain monochrome socks with a colored stripe or two at the top can help add interest. This tactic is especially useful if you’re only just dipping your toe into the high sock trend.

Or, for the more adventurous sock-wearers among you, how about branching out into new fabrics and textures? For example, sparkly lurex socks, lightweight sheer ankle socks, or lace-trimmed schoolgirl-style socks strike up a cool contrast with chunky sneakers or high-tops. It’s this kind of attention to detail that allows you to personalize your take on the high sock trend.

Get the Length Right

Pulling your socks up might be key to this trend. But going too high is a big no-no. Remember, you’re not Ronaldo or Messi looking to cover your shin pads for a game of soccer. As such, your socks shouldn’t be right up to your knees. Or, indeed, anywhere near your knees.

When pulled up, the top of your socks should sit a tad below the curve of your calf. This allows your socks to shine while also balancing the proportions of your leg. And, allowing a little of your leg to show between your calf and the top of the sock offers a flattering effect.

If your socks are a little too long, leaving them to slouch a little is fine. But beware, too much slouching can make you look like an extra from Fame! Then again, socks that sit too low won’t look right either so make sure to try a range of sock trends out before you stock up on too many pairs.

How to Wear High Socks with Sneakers

As this guide on how to wear high socks with sneakers shows, it’s not as hard to look cool and stay comfortable as you might have thought.

And, since socks are a pretty affordable accessory, the high sock trend is a great way to inject some style into your closet without having to spend a bunch of money!

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