All those inspiration travel quotes aren’t lying: traveling is about more than just getting to see new places. It’s about getting to experience a world that’s nothing like the one you left back home.

Many who haven’t traveled before can’t imagine all of the possibilities, and that’s okay as long as they’re open and willing to learn! These are the top ways that traveling can help you learn.

Benefits Of Traveling

New Languages

New Languages

Spending a week in Italy, or even a month in Brazil, won’t make you fluent in another language: but it will give you the tools to begin to learn and grow an interest in languages other than your first language.

Learning new languages is a great way to increase your vocabulary, test your memory, and give you practice speaking and training your voice. Many of us get comfortable in the patterns and tones of our native tongues, and learning a new speech pattern can help us understand how to enunciate our language better.

Fantastic Cuisines

Fantastic Cuisines

There’s nothing as fun as trying incredible new dishes. When considering places to visit, think about what types of food you enjoy. For example, do you want to try real French desserts? Are you more interested in incredible Korean street food?

If you travel based on one or two dishes you love, you’ll find dozens of others you didn’t even realize you would love. This allows you to take this new knowledge back home and either learn how to cook these new dishes or seek out restaurants you haven’t tried before that offer it.

Flexibility In Planning

Although this is more abstract, one thing that you’ll have to learn while traveling is flexibility when planning. No travel plan goes off without a hitch. Of course, this can be stressful for some; it’s also an awesome opportunity to learn how to have fun with it and get to know how you react under pressure.

Learning to accept that all plans don’t have to go perfectly can be freeing and give you the chance to experience your daily life with less stress. Strict guidelines and deadlines are something you can learn to move beyond.

Currency Exchanges

Currency Exchanges

There’s no currency that USD is perfectly even with, so learning how other money stacks up against it can help travelers visualize the global economy. Over time this may mean that you memorize things like the exchange rate from USD to CAD or even euros.

This can take some time, and a lot of the conversions you do in your head will be estimates, but it can help you feel more connected and understand the financial differences.

Cultural Differences

The cultural differences between the two countries can be shocking. For example, in South America and some indigenous American cultures, some point to items using their lips. It can be rude to maintain eye contact for more than a couple of fleeting seconds in other cultures, for example.

Getting to know the cultural differences between the areas around the world can be a fun and interesting way to find the things that connect us.

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