Hug dog breeds are all the rage today. If you open any of the social media apps, chances are you will run into at the very least one video featuring these cute dogs. The internet is going crazy and many are checking out the fluffy dogs that get featured in 9 out of 10 dog videos.

With people getting acquainted with the kind of dogs they can get as pets, people are willing to go the extra mile to both breed and procure dogs, especially the hug dog breed.

But we are jumping the gun here. Let’s backtrack a little bit to understand the history of the hug dog breed. We will then analyze the internet’s newfound interest in these hug dog breeds and the rise in demand and supply of such kinds.

Dogs have been constant companions to human beings since time eternal. Since human beings walked the earth, evolved into settlers, and finally began the journey towards civilization, dogs have given people company. Dogs played multiple roles in human lives – sometimes as partners, sometimes for security, sometimes as helpers – seeing-eye dogs being a case in point and even occasionally for transportation.

For a few years, a new breed of designer dogs are being created. These are crossbred between two dogs belonging to some unique pedigree. This gives the best of two kinds when it comes to progeny.

Depending on one’s preference one may bring home a large fluffy hug dog breed or a small fluffy hug dog breed. Many prefer the gigantic ones which often prove to be a handful while some prefer the smaller ones which can also prove to be a handful thanks to the boundless energy they possess.

Why Hug Dog Breeds?

Why Hug Dog Breeds

There are numerous reasons why human beings are gung-ho about the hug dog breeds. And some of the reasons impact both mental as well as physical wellbeing in humans.

Science has proven time and again that companionship with dogs has an actual therapeutic effect on their human owners. A dog helps keep company and also offers some much-needed love in a strife-filled world.

The following are proven advantages of having a close proximity relationship with dogs – in other words owning hug dog breeds: –

  • Having dogs has a direct impact on one’s physical activity and social connections. People with dogs are prone to going out and indulging in more social interactions.
  • Hugging dogs has proven to positively impact one’s blood pressure and heart rate. Dogs have a calming effect on one’s stress levels and this can be utilized positively to support people that need help.
  • Research studies done on people who suffered a heart attack showed a strong relationship between hugging a pet dog and strong survival rates. Healing post-attack was often expedited thanks to being close to a pup.
  • The special bond that is created with such hug dog breed often results in positive mental health and well-being. People have reported better sleep cycles and ease from depression just by cuddling up to one’s pet dogs.

Hug Dog Breed & Types Of Hug Dog Breed Available

Now that the reasons to own a hug dog breed are clear, let’s understand what are the different types of hug dog breeds available.

People prefer either the large fluffy hug dog breed or the small fluffy hug dog breed. There are some favorites in both categories. Our experts have done the research for you and in this article, we will be sharing our top choices so that you don’t have to tear your hair out in frustration at all the kinds of hug dog breeds available for the taking.

Small Hug Dog Breed

Small Hug Dog Breed

  • Bichon Frise

Often called the showbiz dogs, the Bichon Frise is quite popular in the celeb circuit. Not only are they of mellow temperament, but they are also extremely well-mannered pets. The Bichon Frise shed their hair and these remain beneath their undercoats. It’s advised that one brushes the undercoat so as to prevent any sort of matting.

  • Alaskan Klee Kai

One breed of dogs that demonstrate extreme separation anxiety if left alone or behind by their human companions. Not only are they excellent to have in and around in small homes, but thanks to their size, they can also gel with anyone once they are introduced. A very unique trait this dog breed possesses is the double coat with the upper coat being both dirt resistant as well as water resistant.

  • Pekingese

The third dog breed we have is the Pekingese also called Pekinese. The origin is again China for this dog breed and they are extremely loyal and affectionate animals. They are excellent house pets as they form strong bonds with their masters quite easily.

Large Hug Dog Breed

  • Chow Chow

Having ancestry that can be traced back all the way to ancient China, the Chow Chow is a powerful, muscled, and extremely fluffy dog breed that can offer excellent companionship. One unique quality about this dog breed is the versatility it possesses. It can be a hug dog, hunt dog or even a guard dog all rolled into one. The easiest way to recognize a Chow Chow is to look out for a lion-like mane.

  • Great Dane

One of the underrated yet some of the best breeds that give a great hug are the Great Dane breed. Despite their gigantic looks, they are gentle giants often found to adapt to a sedentary life with the humans that own them. Though they make people take a step back, Great Danes are some of the best-behaved dogs with a patient and gentle nature that endear themselves to one and all.

  • Newfoundland

Descendants of the Tibetan Mastiff, the Newfoundland breed were brought to the civilized world by the Vikings. They are conspicuous by their thick furry overcoat which is resistant to water. These are best to have around kids as this breed is typically a very patient and gentle animal.

THE Husky Pug Mix Breed

THE Husky Pug Mix Breed

Now coming to the category which is our favorite is the designer dog bred out of a Siberian Husky and Pug lineage. Called The Hug, this hug dog breed grows up to medium size.

This hug dog breed carries distinct qualities of both its parents and does not carry the genetic diseases so common in their ancestry. Taking after its parent, the hug dog breed is extremely intelligent and active, and an excellent addition to any family which loves to lead an active life.

The temperament that the Hug Dog or the Pug Husky mix showcase is a mix of the limitless stamina and patient sweet nature that the Siberian Husky possesses. Add to it the royal lineage of the Pug breed. Not only are they exceptional pets they are ideal to become a snuggle pal.

The looks more or less depends on the dominant parentage and therefore we can’t just lock one particular size for this hug dog breed.

Coming to the cost of owning the Hug Dog. They are generally the designer dogs of the pricier kind. Starting at a price of $1250 the range can go up depending upon primarily the looks it possesses. The pedigree it holds and where you get it from, that is the quality of the dog breeders also matters when it comes to getting the hug dog breed.

Training the pets will depend largely on the temperament it displays. Some hug dogs can act stubborn on some occasions and not really be enthusiastic when it comes to training. Otherwise, this breed falls in the active segment and is not recommended for first-time dog parents or those that lead a busy life. It’s especially important for this breed to have ample time to exercise so that they can balance their energy and feel adequately stimulated. For this reason, owners should consider installing a pet door so they can have access to a backyard. There are tons of dog doors for big dogs available that ensure your furry friend has the space and comfort to come and go at his or her leisure.

There are some basic care regimens that need to be followed with the hug dog breed. The pup can inherit either the husky long coat or the short hair of the pug parent. If it’s the former a regular brushing practice akin to other breeds is recommended along with the usual bits of trimming of the nails, cleaning of the ear, and even dental cleaning.

Those hug dog breeds that might have wrinkles or folded skin thanks to the pug parentage will need some extra care.

The Final Verdict

If the reason you are getting a hug dog breed is to generally have a companion around your home to complete your life, then you have come to the right place. With these quick-ready reckoners, we have offered from the type of dog breed to own to the exercise and care practices to follow, one can never go wrong.

Finally getting a hug dog can be a daunting task. Know that they come with their own temperament and to train them and groom them is akin to rearing a child. One has to acknowledge that these pups have a personality of their own and only through careful introspection will one be able to endear themselves to the hug dog breed and make them a part of one’s life.