Do you own a home with an HVAC system? If so, you know how important a quality HVAC system is to your comfort and cooling needs. Your HVAC system should be working at its highest capacity, cooling your home when and where you need it.

If you haven’t been performing HVAC maintenance, it could be costing you big time and compromising your ability to keep your home at a desirable temperature, especially when it’s most needed.

Keep reading for some essential HVAC maintenance tips you should be following to keep your system up and running.

1. Change Your Filters Regularly

HVAC replacement or repair

Clogged or dirty air filters make your system work harder, which can reduce the life of major components and make the system less efficient. You should check your filters every month, especially during periods of heavy use. If the filter looks dirty, replace the air filter with a clean one or have a professional do so to avoid air conditioning unit maintenance mistakes.

2. Keep the Area Around Your HVAC Unit Clean

The outdoor unit should be free of debris such as leaves, sticks, or mud. All vents should also be kept clear to ensure proper airflow.

Inside the house, it is important to regularly dust and vacuum the areas around the return and supply vents. Regularly inspecting the unit and cleaning up the area around it will help reduce unnecessary wear and tear, extend the life of the HVAC unit, and keep it operating efficiently.

3. Get a Tune-up Every Year

HVAC Maintenance

An HVAC technician should inspect and clean the unit, adjust controls, tighten wiring and connectors, lubricate moving parts, check drain lines to prevent water damage, and change out the HVAC air filter. Homeowners can also reduce the stress on their systems by scheduling regular maintenance such as clearing off dust and grime from exterior units, cleaning the inside condenser coil, and keeping the areas around the units free from obstruction.

4. Regularly Clean the Entire System

This can be done by first turning off the power to the system. Using a vacuum attachment, a homeowner can clean out the air ducts and air filters, as well as any other accessible parts of the system.

It is important to not use water, as this can damage electronic components. If there is debris in the system that would be difficult to remove, consider enlisting the help of a professional HVAC technician.

5. Don’t Block the Airflow to Your HVAC Unit

HVAC System

When your unit is deprived of airflow, it increases wear and tear and adds strain to the motor and parts. This can affect operating efficiency, shorten the life of the unit, and increase cooling and heating costs.

Make sure the air filters are easily accessible and replaced regularly. Cleaning or replacing the air ducts on schedule can also improve airflow. All of these tips can help prolong the life of your HVAC unit and reduce expensive repairs or replacements.

Never Neglect Regular HVAC Maintenance

Overall, homeowners need to take good care of their HVAC systems by conducting preventative maintenance. Homeowners should make use of their seasonal tune-up checklist and follow manufacturer guidelines to take the best care of their HVAC systems.

If any problems arise, they should consult a professional immediately. Make sure to stay on top of your HVAC to enjoy a comfortable, energy-efficient home! Contact a local professional today to schedule your seasonal HVAC maintenance.

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