A business could suffer great loss if all its business data was irretrievably lost. Failure to protect and secure the data can have a disastrous effect on any business. It can be lost in any number of ways such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks or a computer being damaged. 

It often happens that a business simply puts off looking at a data backup plan as they do not believe data loss can happen to them. Experts in corporate data back up have seen many a business going under because of valuable information lost to them forever. It can be catastrophic losing reports, cash flow information, and critically important emails, particularly if a business needed them to prove something. 

Backing Up Locally is not Enough

It experts say that essentially a business needs to look at the company’s backup in terms of a local backup system that is easily accessible as well as one that is stored offsite.

Simply backing up locally is not good enough because if a virus infects your computer all your original data and the local backups could be damaged or destroyed. Both local backups and backups to an online service are the only way really to ensure that your data is properly protected.

Data Backups Reduce Downtime 

A business needs to backup important files at least once or twice a day. They make use of software to manage the backups and to save individual files or it can back up the entire system.

Some software allows you to specify the files you want backed-up while other software backs up everything. Ideally IT experts tell a business they need 3 copies of their data backups, with 2 being on-site backups as well as one off-site copy, stored on physical devices and the cloud.

The Cloud is Secure

Many businesses think that their data is somehow automatically protected but it is not – provision has to be made for this. You can not be relying on employees to save important files to a designated location.  Data security experts say that the cloud offers the most advanced security tools, providing a cost-effective option to protect all your files. 

Your Back-Up Company Needs to be Trustworthy

Every competitive business needs a backup and disaster recovery plan, but most do not know where to start. Quest understands security threats as well as data explosion, and they have been providing software solutions for businesses since 1987. They allow businesses to spend more time attending to their business and less time fretting about data loss and the terrible consequences.

You can add your business to the already 130 000 companies they assist with protecting their data, and being a one-stop-shop, a business simply relies on them to protect and manage their data efficiently. 

They keep current with changing technologies to ensure they are able to offer their customers the very best solutions possible in the complex business world that exists.