With nearly 20 million car sales a year, it’s safe to say that America is a car-crazy country. From the first Ford rolling off the production line, the USA has been madly in love with the automobile, and that’s a trend set to continue as we move into a brave new world of electric vehicles.

But if you’re on the hunt for a new car, what are the things you need to know? What are the hottest car buying tips of 2022? And what’s new about the car buying process for people who haven’t picked up a new set of wheels in a while?

Read on to find out!

#1: Research, Research, Research!

What Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

A tip that applies to pretty much everything in life: you can never do too much research. Before you start looking at cars for sale or try to decide between used vs new cars, get your facts straight! That’s how you avoid dropping a wad of cash on an old clunker you wouldn’t want to drive in a million years.

#2: Take Her for a Spin

Once you’ve settled on one of the many cars for sale, you can’t beat a test drive. This is a key part of the car buying process because it’s how you really get to grips with the highs and lows of your chosen vehicle. Also, when it comes to used vs new cars, a test drive is an unbeatable way to figure out if a used car has any lingering issues.

#3: Spend Now to Save Later

things to consider when buying a car

We all balk at big price tags, but think of it this way: a cheap car is expensive. You’ll pay more for maintenance, get worse mileage, and in general pour more money into the car over a period of time than you would on a car that costs more up front. You can even look into custom jobs (visit this page for more on that) if you’re willing to make a proper investment.

#4: Extras Cost Extra

Don’t be tempted by shiny add-ons you don’t need. Sure, a set of booming speakers might sound good, but they add unnecessary expense to an already big purchase. Think hard before you splurge!

#5: Look Into Insurance

Car Buyers

See how much your insurance will set you back before you sign the purchase order. The cost of insurance can sometimes sneak up on newbie car buyers, so making sure you go forewarned is one of the most important car buying tips you’ll ever hear.

Car Buying Tips for Everyone

And that, folks, concludes our whirlwind tour of the most important car buying tips you need to know in 2022. Whether you’re shopping for a sleek new sports car or a family-carrying pack mule, these tips will help you make great decisions when buying a car.

Now, all that’s left to do is pick the one you want!

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