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Important Steps to Take if You are Being Gender Discriminated in the Workplace

There is no excuse for gender discrimination in the workplace. Anyone who engages in it and any company that allows it to happen should be held accountable.

There is no excuse for gender discrimination. It is against state and federal law. Anyone who engages in it and any company that allows it to happen should be held accountable. Gender discrimination can be broadly defined as the making of hiring, promotion, training, pay, and other company decisions based on gender. That such behavior still goes on in the 21st century is surprising to many. But if you have been the victim of it, you don’t have time to be surprised; you must take action immediately.

Gender Discrimination in The Workplace

Responding to gender discrimination is not as straightforward as it seems. Such discrimination is likely to come from people you have gotten to know and trust. If you have been unfairly treated by a boss, you may have a hard time accepting it. Your first impulse may be to go to them directly to clarify the situation.

This is a good first step, as it allows you to determine whether the decision made about your career was gender-based or informed exclusively by gender-neutral criteria. It will be easy to tell if the former is the case. The person will use certain words and phrases that point to sexism rather than fair-minded evaluation of your knowledge, skill, and talent.

If you suspect gender discrimination in the workplace, if you have been denied advancement in your job and your immediate superior has not given you a satisfactory answer as to why, then you will need to take your complaint to the next level. Your organization should have a procedure in place for reporting such gender discrimination in the workplace.

It is important to abide strictly by this procedure. You don’t want to do anything that can give the company ammunition against you and your complaint gender discrimination in the workplace.

Why Discrimination Occurs

If you have been the victim of gender discrimination breaking stereotypes at work and in life, if you have been denied what should have been yours, then you will feel great anger and frustration. After you have worked so hard and so long to get to the position you are now in, it is a slap in the face to be denied advancement for no other reason than that you are a woman. Understanding the roots and nature of sexism should be part of your response to such mistreatment.

Gender discrimination is not always the result of bad people making bad decisions. It is often the consequence of social and organizational conditions. A company that has very few women in management will make policies that favor men over women when it comes to pay and advancement. This is a structural problem, not the conscious intent of any one person.

For example, falling in love, marrying, and raising a family is a natural thing for most people to do. However, in most cases women bear the larger responsibility in bringing up such a family. They tend to take time off after their children are born and they are the ones who are summoned when incidents occur in the lives of their children.

Gender Bias in Hiring Statistics

It does not follow that they cannot deliver the same volume and quality of work as their male counterparts. It is just that they need more flexible working arrangements. This way of thinking will only prevail in an organization in which working wives and mothers are in positions of power and influence.

Gender discrimination is also the result of larger societal forces. Certain fields of work tend to be dominated by men. This makes it hard for women to break into them. Academia, for example, is known as a field in which a tolerant and liberal spirit burns bright.

However, the academic disciplines of science and engineering are dominated by men. The liberal arts field of philosophy also has a shortage of female scholars. When a field is overwhelming populated by men, it is hard for women to get jobs, advancement and promotion; not because of evil men, but because of the gradual and unconscious absorption of gender prejudices by them.

How Discrimination Works

Men who knowingly discriminate against women rarely announce their prejudice and intention. They operate more subtly than that. If you have been targeted by such a person, you may be able to pick up the bias in the language and tones they use to communicate with you.

However, such direct sexism is too risky and tends to be avoided by people in positions of authority. You will instead find that gender discrimination in the workplace in much more indirect ways. Here are a few of them:

1. The jobs you are assigned to fill and tasks you are asked to complete

No one need directly tell you that you will not be promoted because you are a woman. All they need to do is ensure that you never do anything that will give you the experience and expertise required to advance to a senior position.

Prove Your Ability to Deliver

Having academic qualifications, internships, and other types of experience is the minimum that is required to get into certain fields. To advance, you must be given jobs that allow you to learn more about your field, and you must complete tasks that allow you to test yourself and prove your ability to deliver.

If your male colleagues are the only ones given such opportunities, then the company has broken the law and must be held accountable gender discrimination in the workplace.

2. Less pay for the same work

If you are doing the same job as the men in your office, then you should be paid the same amount of money. Despite various forms of legislation designed to end pay discrimination, companies still do it. They find ways to make discrepancies in pay between men and women gender neutral.

However, you need not settle for whatever convoluted explanation they come up with. Gender discrimination exists because the companies that practice it think they can get away with it. Many of them essentially dare the women they mistreat to take legal action against them.

3. Hostile work environment

The creation of a hostile work environment is another form of gender discrimination. Women who are subjected to sexually charged and demeaning language will not be able to work productively and effectively.

Such a hostile work environment should not be countenanced and tolerated by the management of your organization. If it is, then they are in violation of the law.

How to Respond to Gender Discrimination

If you have tried and failed to resolve the problem inside your company, you will need to act outside of it. You should speak to an employment lawyer. A gender discrimination attorney is the only kind of employment lawyer you want working on your case.

If you are forced to go against the company, you want a professional with extensive experience in handling such cases. You will not be the first person who has been forced to sue their employer over gender discrimination. It is therefore wise to hire a gender discrimination attorney who has helped others in your situation.

Gender Discrimination Cases

When lawyers get involved, companies tend to sit up and take notice. They will not want your accusations to become public, which is why they will want to settle things as quickly and quietly as possible.

Indeed, you may not have to go through with a lawsuit. Hiring an employment attorney in Los Angeles may be enough to compel your employers to offer you a just and reasonable settlement.

West coast employment lawyers are quite adept at gathering the kind of evidence that will force the hand of the company who’s discriminatory behavior has cause you such distress. An experienced employment attorney in Los Angeles will have the skill to get you the compensation you deserve gender discrimination in the workplace.

If you are the victim of discrimination in the workplace, Sexual harassment in workplace,  you should speak to a legal expert of lifestyle. West coast employment lawyers can advise you on what your next steps ought to be.

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