In Hearing, Homeland Security Being Challenged About Bullet-Buys

The Homeland Security Department was questioned as to why does it have 1000 additional bullets each person compared to US Army, in a hearing organized by the House subcommittees this Thursday.

Rep.Chaffetz said the Army makes use of about 350 rounds for each soldier, but DHS has to go through about 1300 rounds to 1600 for each officer, as reported by News.

Chaffetz referred to such usage as inexplicable.
The questions were termed as conspiracy theories by Rep. Tierney who said that there was no room for them in committee room. Republicans, though, said that their concerns found the base in government waste.

Circulated emails and websites have claimed that these bullet-buys were to serve as preparation for any civil unrest. This is denied by Homeland Security, saying that they were required for the training and for the officers while doing their work.

Rep. Jordan, Ohio, stated during the recent hearing on Thursday that this not about conspiracy theories but about good government.

Rep.Issa, Calif., said that according to him bullets are being stocked and later disposed of, shot indiscriminately or even given to the nonfederal agencies, reported by Fox.

He further said that if that was true then they should be really ashamed of it.

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