Indian Space Research Organization is successful to achieve their Mar operation goals by bringing the Satellite into the track again.

In –Details:

On Tuesday India has Fired six crucial engines around the earth. Engine were successfully flied into the earth orbits 300 days, the main goal is to access the required velocity to overcome the gravitational pull of the earth. Scientist were hopeful that they will enter in Mars in 2014.

The authorities were happy with the good condition and achievement of the goal but when they pushed the spacecraft to the high orbit they faced some difficulty.

When the spacecraft traveled 1oo,ooo kilometer apart from the earth suddenly its thruster engine got failed due the auto pilot over take attempt.

ISRO told that initially three manoeuvres were victorious and now after taking over the problem 4Th manoeuvres has been completed successfully.

India is one the countries who are failed to achieve the goal to reach the Mars due to the low budgeting and low fuel cost.

Now they have planned this mission with the $73 million which is 6th part of NASA budgeting cost $455 millions.

India has lots of expectation with this mission and they are calling it “turning Points” because they are hopeful for this mission succession.

Indian ISRO Chairmen is hoping to make their country name in the rocket technology and they are planning to give more intentions to their goal soon.

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