In the workplace, proper safety training is essential for minimizing accidents and injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the best source for safety training.

Many careers will require some knowledge of safety training provided by OSHA. Yet, you can’t even begin work without completing an OSHA compliance training course for some jobs. Having any compliance training from OSHA is a huge benefit when looking for a specific career.

Learning about different available compliance training can help you understand which course is right for you. Here are 5 Specific OSHA Compliance Training Courses that you should be up to date on.

Maritime OSHA Compliance Training

Maritime OSHA Compliance Training

OSHA has developed standards and laws for employers in the marine industry. That includes requiring workers to take a safety training course before starting.

The 10-hour maritime industry compliance training program is designed for entry-level workers. This includes people working in marine terminals, shipyards, or longshoring.

This training starts off by covering potential job site hazards. It then goes on to detail how employees can recognize and avoid them. The training course covers prevention tips as well.

Construction OSHA Compliance Training

The OSHA Compliance training course for construction covers safety and accident prevention.

This course provides an overview of job site hazards. It also details how to prevent being struck by or caught between hazards. It addresses electrical safety, materials, and fall protection.

Agriculture OSHA Compliance Training

Agriculture OSHA Compliance Training

Working on farms and in the field is laborious work. Workers in agriculture must have an OSHA compliance training course. For starters, there is the new employee orientation course and an annual course to be retrained.

OSHA also requires that employers provide asbestos abatement training for their agriculture workers.

Since those who work in the agriculture industry can work long hours, the compliance training is to ensure workers know their rights.

These training materials cover information about employees’ exposure to danger. This course must be completed to satisfy the OSHA compliance training requirement.

Ammonia Refrigeration Compliance Training

Another OSHA compliance training course that’s industry-specific is the ammonia refrigeration course. Since ammonia is cost-effective and energy-efficient, it is widely used as a refrigerant. Yet, it is very hazardous, so this training is required.

This course starts by covering a brief history of the regulations. And guides ammonia operators on any experience level. Workers in this industry can take ammonia refrigeration safety training online.

OSHA Manufacturing Compliance Training

As a way to protect manufacturing workers, OSHA also developed compliance training. This training course features comprehensive safety standards for manufacturing facilities. This compliance training can also be taken online or in person.

Find Your Industry’s OSHA Compliance Training Course

Find Your Industry's OSHA Compliance Training Course

To meet industry-specific safety requirements finding the right OSHA compliance training course is vital. Talking with your employer can help you ensure you are up-to-date with all of your necessary safety training.

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