Getting involved in a car accident can be quite frightening, regardless of whether you get injured or not. As a result of this traumatizing experience, you might either have a hard time focusing, experience mental fog, or feel your mind getting flooded with overwhelming thoughts. Other than the psychological distress you may undergo, there is also the likelihood of sustaining a physical injury.

While the experts at Legal Desire can offer valuable advice for how to deal with various types of vehicular accidents, what are the most common injuries that you should keep an eye out for after getting involved in an accident?

Here are some types of injuries that you should be worried about after a car accident

1. Back And Head Injuries

Back injuries are among the most common kinds of injuries suffered after a vehicle accident. As a result of experiencing such a significant injury, you might end up having severe nerve damage to your spinal cord. In extreme cases, persons who suffer this injury end up getting paralyzed permanently, whereas others experience impaired sensation and control over their hands, feet, arms, legs, and other body parts.

Another injury you need to be on the lookout for are head injuries. Typically, when a vehicle traveling at high speed gets involved in a crash, the persons inside might hit their heads either against the windows, dashboard, or steering wheel.

Consequently, this can lead to traumatic brain injuries, including permanent cognitive problems, mild concussions, and comas. Furthermore, the vehicular accident might also cause vision problems, hearing loss, as well as skull fractures. In the event of any head-related injury, you are required to undergo long-term medical care and extensive medical treatment.

Persons involved in a car crash can also injure their herniated disk. The symptoms of this injury are muscle weakness, numbness, leg or arm pain, and tingling sensations. Whereas a herniated disk is less severe than head injuries or spinal damage, it can still lead to serious health issues.

2. Broken Bones

The impact of a car accident is immense. This is the reason why most people who get involved in a vehicle accident suffer some form of a broken bone, either a simple bone fracture or compound fracture. A simple fracture is when the bone breaks without opening a wound, while compound bone fractures occur when the breaking of a bone pierces through the skin.

If you experience lots of pain when trying to move a body part or are not able to move it completely, this might signify a broken bone. Therefore, you should head over to the doctor’s office to be evaluated and get diagnosed.

3. Chest Injuries

This is also another common injury suffered by persons who get involved in a vehicle accident. Nonetheless, it is mostly suffered by drivers who have very little room to move during a crash due to the steering wheel. As a result of this, the chest collides with the steering wheel, and this might either cause minor bruises or contusions and, in some cases, severe injuries such as internal injuries or broken ribs.

Apart from the driver, other passengers in the car might also suffer from chest injuries. This usually happens after they collide with the dashboard or steering wheel. Likewise, the chest area could also suffer from serious bruising due to the high force produced by the seat belt or shoulder harness.

4. Internal Bleeding

After getting involved in a car crash, another injury you need to take into consideration is internal bleeding. This injury is often overlooked by many but should always be checked out as it can be fatal. Therefore, you should quickly head over to the hospital even if you got involved in a minor accident. The doctors will be able to do a thorough examination and confirm that you are not suffering from a life-threatening injury.

5. Neck Injuries

During a vehicle accident, your head and neck are moved back and forth abruptly. This is what causes neck and whiplash injuries because the ligaments and muscles in your neck become stretched beyond their normal range of motion. With neck injuries, you can suffer from vision problems, as well as limited neck and head movement, while also experiencing agonizing pain. Nevertheless, it can be quite challenging to diagnose neck and whiplash injuries since they are soft tissue injuries.

You may also suffer from severe neck injuries, such as a damaged disk on your neck or cervical dislocation.

Vehicle Accident

6. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Whereas this is not a physical injury, it still is a form of damage that you may suffer after getting involved in a car crash. This leads to having flashbacks of the disturbing incident and, in some cases, nightmares which are especially common with children. Because of this emotional and mental trauma, you might have trouble resuming your normal routine due to continually being concerned about an accident happening again.


After getting involved in a car accident, it is essential that you quickly seek medical attention. The doctors will then be able to diagnose any potential issues that might cause severe health problems and endanger your life.

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