Instagram is the ultimate platform for travel-related businesses. This popular social media outlet provides an opportunity to connect with people in a way that would have been impossible in the past.

Anytime someone plans a trip, they naturally spend time fantasizing about the adventures that they will have. Whether that means heading to the beach, racing down the slopes at a popular ski hill, or exploring one of today’s fast-paced cities, it is only natural to imagine all of the exciting things that an upcoming adventure holds. Seeing beautiful images of their destination online adds to the anticipation.

Not long ago, Expedia conducted a survey that showed that more than 65% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 decide where to go on their vacation based primarily on how it will look in photos. They are far more likely to choose a destination that offers amazing photo opportunities that they can post online.

Even though that sounds a bit extreme, as many as one billion people use the Instagram platform each month. It is not only an important tool for expression but also a way to stay connected. People use it to document their lives, almost like a diary in a visual format. For companies that cater to tourists, this provides a powerful marketing opportunity.

Below, I have put together a list of tips for marketing a travel-related business through Instagram.

1. Put Influencers To Work For Your Business

Influencers are people who have large, dedicated followings on social media. Their followers listen closely to what they have to say and often take their advice. Having an influencer share your content is a fantastic way to reach more people.

This type of marketing works well in a variety of situations. Whether you want to get people to notice your original content, push an upcoming deal, or showcase some of the incredible experiences that people can enjoy, an influencer can help. You can either pay them to create posts of their own about your business or you can have them share your posts with their followers. Either way, this is an effective option for getting your content in front of more people, which means more views. Instagram views will boost your post.

To see an example of this in action, check out Skyscanner. This company periodically allows well-known influencers to take over their account. Take a look at this recent promotion where Robert Schrader took control of Skyscanners Instagram profile for several days to show off some of the incredibly beautiful locations he was visiting during a trip to Thailand.

As part of their marketing strategy, they also encourage users to post their photos using special hashtags for an opportunity to have them featured. This strategy is brilliant since it not only boosts engagement but also makes it easy to find new content to post. Instead of having to come up with photos of your own, you can simply repost stunning content created by users. As a bonus, photos that come from other users often seem more genuine to your other followers.

Ideally, you should look for social influencers in travel-related niches. With a little bit of creativity, however, an influencer in any industry can help spread the word about your business, even if their content isn’t directly related to travel.

2. Post A Wide Range Of Content

If you want to connect with as many people as possible through Instagram, post eye-catching content that captures the attention of other users. Ultimately, your goal is to inspire more people to travel. One of the best ways to do that is through the use of stunning professional photos of beautiful or exciting locations. You can supplement your feed with simple shots taken with cell phone cameras, as well, to give your account a greater sense of authenticity.

Posting a variety of content types is essential. No matter how beautiful the photos are that you post, if they are all similar, it can make your account seem a bit bland or stagnant. To keep that from happening, occasionally post other types of content like meaningful quotes. The key is to make sure that all of your posts accurately reflect the ethics, attitude, and ideals of your company.

Getting noticed on Instagram is all about finding a way to differentiate yourself from other users. Before posting an image, ask yourself whether or not it showcases your brand in the right light. Find a way to highlight whatever it is that makes your company unique. Create your own hashtags and try to get the people following you to use them. Focus on posting content that makes people feel happy and inspired. Several accounts that get this right are Airbnb, Royal Caribbean International, and Lonely Planet.

3. Use Stories On Instagram

Your Instagram feed should be filled with high-quality photos that create a sense of who you are and what you do. To give your business a little bit more authenticity, however, you should also consider using Instagram Stories. This popular feature gives you a chance to connect with new users while at the same time giving your current followers an inside look at what your business has to offer. The time limit for stories is 15 seconds. If you post live videos, however, they can go on for as long as an hour.

This tactic works especially well when used in conjunction with the first strategy. If you can get an influencer to stream their experience in real-time while they are on vacation, you can create a powerful connection with other users, inspiring them to want to travel, as well.

If you want this to work, you need to be willing to either pay for the influencer’s trip or offer them a fee to post stories on your Instagram feed. It is important to work out all of the details ahead of time regarding how many stories you want them to create. Ultimately, the plan you come up with should be designed to reach as many people as possible and to create a lot of excitement.

4. Try out IGTV

In 2018, IGTV made its debut. This platform allows you to post lengthy videos in a vertical format, which can make it easier to get your message across to your followers.

Stories are so short that it can be hard to say everything that you need to in the amount of time allowed. With IGTV, however, you can post much longer videos, with the maximum length being one hour. Users can access IGTV through Instagram itself. Alternatively, they can also use the IGTV app, which is designed specifically to feature this type of content. The people developing these apps have gone above and beyond to ensure that the content and experience far eclipses similar services like Facebook Live.

To get the most out of this method, create content that is not only well-suited to the needs of your audience but that is also extremely engaging. For instance, you could create in-depth guides for specific locations, videos showcasing helpful tips for traveling, or videos focusing on the types of cuisine served in a specific area. When successfully implemented, content like this does extremely well on IGTV as well as on other video platforms like YouTube.

5. Plan Out Your Year In Advance

Looking ahead at the coming year will give you a chance to figure out what you want to post during the upcoming months. Since your business is in the travel industry, you may want to post about ski holidays in the winter, urban adventures in the spring and fall, and beach vacations when summertime rolls around. When putting together a basic calendar for the year, remember to mark any special holidays, major athletic events, large-scale festivals, or other events that people travel to see. That way, you can design your posting schedule and your content around those events to encourage more engagement.

This type of long-term planning makes it easier to come up with high-quality content. Instead of scrambling to find things to post on the fly, you can take your time and make incredible content that you are proud of.

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