The app which is receiving 8500 likes and 1000 comments per second, 40 million photos per day and about 90 million users is still unknown by many users and readers. However the shocking statistics have now compelled it on us to get to know about it. The most confusing is the statement which is being used to advertise the app “your photos could become ads”. People cannot wrap their heads around the thought that whether it is an app for those people who are related to business or is this app also used for your personal photo shoot. Now is the time to reveal all these secrets before you get embraced the next time anybody mentions Instagram and you are standing blank having no idea what the one of the most popular app does.


You can get or you can download the app of Instagram from iTunes if you are having an iPhone or you can get it from Google Play Store if you are having a smart phone which is Android based. Instagram is an app by which you can easily share your pictures on social media platforms after editing them according to your choice and preferences. You can choose to share these edited photos with your friends on any social networking site in which you want to.

The above explanation presents the Instagram as a personal camera which is having too many tools to make you look good however Instagram is the app which can be used for the business purposes too. By the use of @ and the proper links you can make sure that when your friends and users will type certain common entries on Twitter they will be seeing your pictures which you want them to see. In the very same way you can take good pictures of your product or the pictures which represent the benefits of your services. This art is known as Building your Brad with Instagram.

Tumblr is being considered as the best social networking site which can be used to advertise about the business through Instagram. You can create your photo galleries and albums through Instagram and your business can become a huge hit through it. Similarly you can take your own photograph to a new level like many other tourists are doing. They are showing the pictures of their journey with the help of the Instagram, making them more thrilling and beautiful.

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