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Insurance Companies Need Software Solution

Insurance companies have to keep up to date with their clients, policies and agents. They do this with the help of insurance software. Software systems keep track of the administration of insurance companies. Also, if clients need information, they can go to the website of the insurance company and get the information they need there.

With this software, an insurance company can remain profitable and current with changing trends. The needs of customers today are changing all the time and product offerings have changed to keep up with customers.

Software Solutions that Integrate with Current Systems

 An organization needs to make sure that it chooses the right insurance software solution for their needs. An important aspect is choosing an insurance software solution that integrates with the system you currently have.

United Systems and Software, Inc, better known as USSI, provide their customers with excellent software solutions – products designed specifically for the insurance industry. They’ve got an entire line of professional insurance software solutions that ensure your company is operating at the highest level.

 Their insurance software InsurancePlus Enterprise Software includes –

Individual Health and Life Insurance

This software is designed so that it meets the requirements that are found in health and life insurance companies both big and small. Features of the complete product include the likes of – 

  • An advanced automated policy printing system
  • Online claims processing and adjudication
  • Integrated underwriting processes as well as check writing
  • Statutory reporting and detailed management 

The product takes care of a lot of life as well as health products such as long-term health care, annuities, disability, whole- and term-life and much more. 

Group Health and Life Administration

This software is designed so as to meet the requirements of all Group Life and Health providers who want to run their own Group Health Programs. Some important features of this solution include – 

  • Claims processing
  • Group administration and  enrollment 
  • Agent and advance commissions
  • Dental, medical, life, disability and prescription drugs

The product supports a wide variety of group life and health products such as self-funded plans, high deductible plans, point of service plans and more.

Workers Compensation Management

This software has been designed in such a way that it meets the administrative requirements as given in Workers’ Compensations providers.  Some important features include – 

  • Detailed management and statutory reporting
  • Agent commissions 
  • Advance commissions
  • Online settlement and processing
  • Accounts receivable 
  • General ledger 

The product supports workers’ compensation providers such as self-insured companies, self-insured funds, 3rd party administrators and traditional workers’ compensation.

The focus of USSI is to provide clients with software solutions that will empower their businesses to be profitable.

Insurance software solutions are designed to cope with every aspect of insurance and to provide support for all insurer’s activities.

Insurance Software – so many Benefits

Good insurance software enables a business to improve their services, to stay current with insurance regulations, to reduce operational costs and to also improve customer service. When you choose a reputable and reliable software solutions company that has a proven track record, you can be sure that you get friendly, courteous services and support.

As a family-operated company, USSI believes that client satisfaction is the top priority and they design and develop software solutions for the insurance industry worldwide.

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