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IoT Project Ideas For Hobbyists

The number of interconnected devices that are included under the umbrella term “Internet of Things” (IoT) is constantly evolving. Here are some Iot project ideas for hobbyists. It’s a trend that’s stepping hand in hand with the increased integration of digital technology with society.

This is demonstrated by Research and Market’s Global Internet of Things Market and Trends 2021 report, according to which the value of the international Internet of Things market value is forecasted to cross the $1 trillion mark by 2024.

However, you don’t need to be a large corporation to cash in on the value of IoT. It provides amateur techies throughout the world with value of a different-yet-still-precious kind: fun.

If you’re a tech enthusiast who’s looking for a new project, you’ve come to the right place. In this short article, we’ll be looking at three perfect IoT project ideas for hobbyists.

Smart mirror

If you like to start the day with all the information that you need, you could use open-source computer technology to create a smart mirror to keep yourself on track.

With just a computer monitor, a one-way mirror, and some wooden boards, you can create a useful display that informs you of the time, the date, the weather forecast and more, while you put on your clothes or brush your teeth.

First, you’ll need to build an enclosure for the mirror using the boards. Next, write the code. Finally, you can use the Blynk app to turn the monitor on and off.

Smart garage door

Increase your home security with this smart garage door project. As soon as your vehicle leaves the garage, the door senses it and loses itself.

This not only makes it extremely unlikely that a thief will enter your house through the garage but also saves you from the effort of closing the door manually.

Simply insert a transmitting unit in a suitable place in the garage to track the door’s position and a receiver to display the door’s status.

Plant monitor

This is the perfect project if you have a lot of plants at home and want to ensure they don’t get thirsty while you’re busy and out of the house. It works by checking if the soil in your plants’ pots is dry. It subsequently alerts you when the plant needs more water.

First, you create a moisture sensing system. Then, you attach a flag to a servo motor and limit switch. When the signal sent from the first part reaches the second, the flag rises and tells you to water your plants.

As a hobbyist, what IoT project has been the most fun for you to build at home? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.

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