Iran Plotting Revenge Against USA If It Attacked Syria

Iran ordered the militants of Iraq that they should attack U.S. Embassy along with American sites within Baghdad if military strike in Syria takes place, as according to one order disclosed and intercepted this Thursday by officials of U.S.

The officials of military are trying to speculate the range of any possible responses by Iran, Syria and the allies they have in event of any strikes.This Iranian message, just intercepted lately, came from head of Revolutionary Guards’ Qods Force, Qasem Soleimani, and it went to the Shiite groups of militia that’s Iranian-supported in Iraq, according to U.S. officials.

In this, Soleimani said that the Shiite groups should be prepared for responding with force following any strike of U.S. on Syria.Shiites in Iraq are sympathetic towards Syrian government that’s Alawite-dominated and oppose strikes of U.S. against the regime of Bashar Assad.

Officials of U.S. said embassy within Baghdad happened to be a likely target. Officials didn’t describe range of the potential targets that were indicated by intelligence.

There haven’t been attacks on U.S. Embassy within Baghdad since the forces of US left Iraq.
In past, however, Shiite groups, who are Iranian-trained, fired mortars and rockets at embassy due to urging of Quds Force.

Additionally, U.S. officials said they happened to be on alert as for the Iran’s fleet comprising fast, small boats in Persian Gulf, the place where warships of America are positioned.Officials of America also expressed their fears regarding the fact that Embassy of US within Beirut could be attacked by Hezbollah.

While U.S. tends to have moved the military resources within this region for any possible strike, there are other assets it has in this area which would be all ready for responding to any of the reprisals by Iran, Syria, or the allies it has.
These include one strike group that’s of USS Nimitz aircraft carrier as well as 3 destroyers within Red Sea, along with one amphibious ship, USS San Antonio, within Eastern Mediterranean, that would help in any of the evacuations.

As the sources tell, United States has also readied Marines of U.S. along with other resources for aiding evacuation of the diplomatic compounds when needed, and State Department did begin preparing the previous week for the potential retaliation that’s against embassies of U.S. and any other interests within North Africa and Middle East.

Officials of U.S. began the planning for possible strike over assets of Syrian regime after attack of Aug. 21 against the Damascus suburbs that are held by rebels, where United States thinks forces of Syrian government killed over 1,400 people with the use of chemical weapons.

U.S. military also has prepared for options regarding one attack and it has increased the military resources within this region, that includes positioning 4 destroyers in Eastern Mediterranean.

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