When you ask “is consumer services a good career path?”, it’s, just from the point of view that there are many job options that don’t require a professional qualification and there are some skills that can lead to other more lucrative jobs.

If you are looking for a good career and you ask the question ‘is consumer services a good career path?’, the answer will be yes it is. When you look around you, the whole world is continuously busy with buying and selling every single day. The US consumer spending for consumer goods and services is enormous and easily amounts to tens of trillions of dollars every year.

With figures like this, you can see that buying and selling is a massive part of the American Economy, and you can be part of it. There are producers who provide products or services and they form many different industries. Then there are consumers. Consumers are the people who buy these goods and services.

Producers from all these different industries provide certain products and services. Answering the question ‘is consumer services a good career path’, gets you a ‘yes’ because every industry has some form of consumer services within it. No successful business can deny how excellent consumer services helped them stand out in a competitive world.

Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path?

Consumer Service

The importance of consumer services can’t be denied. There are many skills you will learn and you can transfer these skills easily from one industry to the next. It’s not easy applying for a job these days as you come up against so many other people.

Having consumer services skills on your CV will give your new employers an idea that you know how to keep customers happy. However, before you start job-hunting, make sure that you adapt your resume so that it is tailored for the consumer services field.

Businesses Today Have To Have Extraordinary Customer Services

Typical examples of consumer services are hairdressing services, real estate agents, health care services, financial services, and washing machine repairs. Of course, there are many others such as veterinary services, car repair services, and others. There are many businesses in this particular category and they each have to provide extraordinary customer services if they want to stand out and stay afloat.

There Are Excellent Growth Opportunities In Consumer Services

Consumer services careers offer growth opportunities and apart from being a rewarding career, they’re an excellent opportunity for young people to enter the business world. Consumer services are actually a great way to kick start a career as they can equip you with many customer service skills.

During covid-19 many people lost their jobs and many businesses closed down too. Consumer services won’t ever die out because good customer support is in demand in every job there is. If you are a high school graduate or a college student then a job as a service representative can get you a foot in the door of the business world. It can give you the edge when dealing with all kinds of customers.

With the pandemic, it has become important to communicate via email, phone call, or SMS. Employees are trained to be professional and positive, even with the most difficult of callers. So when you ask the question ‘is consumer services a good career path’ you can see how good communication skills will stand you in good stead, whichever career path you pursue.

Don’t Despair If You Can’t Get A Degree

consumer services

The job world is highly competitive today and most young people despair because they don’t have the financial means to go to university to get a degree. Many people who spend a lot of time, effort, and money getting a degree still don’t find their dream career.

For those who don’t have money for a degree, then a job in consumer services can be the way to go. Some of the entry-level jobs in consumer services don’t require any other tertiary education. You can even expect to receive customer service training which can help you to further your career.

You will have to have an excellent knowledge of your product or service so that you can assist your clients. The worst scenario is when your customers know more about the product that you do. It doesn’t matter how you use the experience and knowledge you gain because it will benefit you in whatever career area you move into.

So is consumer services a good career path to be in? Yes, in fact, it is because not only will you be helping people to enjoy a positive buying experience you’ll be offering them advice on topics such as finances and home repairs, etc.

What Companies Are In The Consumer Services Field


There are many companies in the consumer services field. When we give an example of what companies are in the consumer services field, you always get names of companies such as –

  • Amazon
  • McDonald’s
  • Apple
  • Starbucks
  • Home Depot
  • Walmart

All these companies have a massive customer base and they have to consider their consumer services carefully. What companies are in the consumer services field that really stands out as a customer-oriented company?

We know that Amazon offers exceptional consumer services and they like to appoint special people who handle complaints from customers. Then there are other specialists that tackle the company’s finances and marketing plans.

Amazon was founded roughly two decades ago and company founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos says that they can attribute their success to putting their customers at the center of everything they do.

When you read Amazon’s mission statement, it claims to be the most customer-centric company there is in the entire world. Is consumer services a good career path? The many employees who work in the consumer services industry at Amazon will tell you it certainly is. Employees receive call center training to understand the importance of listening to customers.

Other Consumer Services

It doesn’t matter which consumer services you find yourself in because all of them will require you to ensure satisfied customers. Other consumer services can be the likes of –

  • market researchers
  • service managers
  • customer service representative
  • quality control specialist

With a market researcher job as an example, organizations need to study and understand consumer behavior. The market researcher’s responsibility as well as other consumer services are to fathom the behavior of customers. They can then provide them with products and services that appeal to them.

Service managers too, have to ensure that customers have had a positive experience with the products and services provided.

There are different steps you can take to clinch a job in the consumer services industry. Once you know the industry you want to be in you need to gain knowledge of the industry and understand the services they offer and from where they operate. You need this kind of information at your fingertips when applying for consumer services jobs.

Should You Choose Consumer Services As Your Career?

Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path

Yes, it is because all you essentially need is a high school diploma. You can start earning immediately when you become a customer service representative. A career in consumer services can get you into other work areas later on. You don’t have to remain a customer service representative forever.

All the skills you learn will give you an advantage when looking for another career choice. It is a job that can also be conducted from home, which is useful in today’s environment.

As a customer service representative, you will certainly be busy and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for consumer services in 2022 is roughly $16.00 an hour plus commission. That’s certainly better than sitting at home because you don’t have the money to go to university.

With your skills, you don’t have to be content with a salary like that and there are high-paying consumer services jobs that will require more training and which can allow you to earn a 6-figure salary.

Consumer Services A Growing Area Of Work

Is consumer services a good career path? Yes, it’s not only a good career but it’s a growing area of work. You’ll find advertisements for consumer services jobs online and they can be full-time, part-time, or temporary. Others allow you to work remotely.

There are lots of useful skills you’ll learn and one of them is product knowledge which will open the doors to seriously lucrative careers in marketing. Marketing professionals manage relationships between organizations and customers. They also help companies to grow their brands and this responsible job in consumer services comes with great job satisfaction, responsibility, and lucrative earnings. In conclusion, if you ask – is consumer services a good career path – it indeed is.