The iPhone craze is off the hook nowadays. Ever since Apple has introduced its gadget the light of its quality, looks, features and apps has blinded us in such manner that now we fail to see anything else around us. It is nearly impossible that in a household at least one or two members of the family are not having an Apple gadget. The haze of quality is now only one symbol which is expensive product. Apple has set our minds in the pathway that expensive things are of high quality and Apple is expensive.

Google android

In this never ending fever when there was no end to the Apple Kingdome comes the crashing new Google Android. The criterion of costly standard is now breaking under the presence of the new arrival. The clear contrast is making the people to see clearly and for the first time people are realizing that how much blinded they were by the sheen of iOS. The very first and very simple difference between Google Android and iSystem is that most of the Google apps are free while most of the iApps are not free and F.R.E.E are the letters which attract the users towards them and when they are getting the quality under these letters then there is no chance that the person is coming back.

Google is providing the better in cheaper rates. The screen is larger the iPhone 5, the home button option is also present in touch screen, the apps and icons are of various sizes and at the same time the free cloud storage is also 5 times double the times which the Apple is offering. Apple offers 5GB cloud memory free and then 50GB for about 100$ per year. This offer might seem acceptable when there are no other offers but Google has smacked the offer down with their ultimate 100GB free storage offer.

The recent surveys have revealed that although the sales rate of Android and Apple are not same yet and Apple is still moving ahead in the charts but the rapid rise in the line of Android shows that this achievement is also not too far. The breakdown of the standard wall by Apple is causing drastic changes in the market and the attractive new models by Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and other companies offering Google Android have initiated acing the charts. Soon “Cheap” might be the “new expensive”.

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