After staying home for months due to the widespread of the coronavirus, getting out for some fresh air can be a great idea mentally and physically. Going for walk or even going to a restaurant can be refreshing but things aren’t the same anymore. Even though being at home made created a new lifestyle, some became cooks while others because fitness freaks. One of the things that people have dearly missed is enjoying a meal at a restaurant with friends and family. Whether it is a delicious cheeseburger or sizzling juicy steak from Perini Ranch Steakhouse, a very popular restaurant near Texas. Visiting restaurants have become difficult this past year.

While stay-at-home restrictions have been made lenient in most countries, with everything else these days, going outside needs to be done safely. Restaurants and public places have begun to reopen to the public with limited capacity and of course, maintaining 6 feet distance between people. Even though many eateries have reopened, you may wonder if it is safe to dine out? Well, here are a few tips that you can consider to eat out safely during this pandemic.

Ways to safely eat out during pandemic

Washing of hands

Washing of hands

Keeping your hands to yourself is a must even as your walk through the restaurant to eat out. Make sure that your hands are clean before you touch your food. Washing your hands before you leave from home and the first thing once you’re back. While you are out, make sure you carry a sanitizer that you can either keep in the car or on you at all times. The goal is that you want to minimize any chance of spreading germs or the virus from the restaurant unto your belongings which will end up in your home.

Be careful what you touch

Living in shared building apartments has its benefits as well as flaws when it comes to being safe during the pandemic. Touching shared surfaces is the quickest way that you could develop the virus. That’s what it is important to be careful about what people in your building touch as they leave their home and return. Wearing gloves or using your elbow to open doors and press elevator buttons, where other people have touched is a great way to keep yourself safe during this time.

Wear a mask

Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask is a great way to protect yourself from other diners who sneeze or cough near you when you eat out. Keeping a safe distance from diners can become difficult at times but a mask protects you from unwanted interaction with the virus. Maintain distance even at a restaurant by sitting a few feet away or by allowing people to pass by you first can further help in reducing the spread of the virus.

Choose the right restaurant

Choose the right restaurant

Before you choose a restaurant to eat out, make sure to check food safety ratings. Most restaurants have their own websites now where one can reserve tables in advance. Make sure you go through the review and see if they employ good COVID-19 measures. It’s never a bad idea to see how clean your favorite places to eat are. If you find any restaurants that are not following any safety guidelines in relation to the pandemic, it is wise to pick another restaurant. Once you are at the restaurant, make sure the tables and chairs are disinfected between meals.

Contact-less payments

Paying online has become the easiest and safest way to make payments anywhere. It reduces the need for contact completely. Some restaurants even allow you to pay in advance which is great and also limits your time choosing your dish. It also means you can avoid touching other surfaces while inside, such as a credit card reader, or worst of all, cash, which is generally pretty dirty.

Limited time indoor

While visiting a restaurant, try to avoid indoor spaces. If you have an opportunity to sit outside, it’s the best place to be. Dining inside a restaurant is a whole different experience but if the restaurant is not ventilated well enough, you can risk getting infected. Open-air spaces have more diluted air and reduce the risk of getting in contact with the virus. Above all, if you are feeling a bit under the weather, stay home by doing the right thing. The best way to keep the coronavirus at bay is to not pass it along yourself. Travelling is among the aspects people are looking forward to as others have already made plans. If you are still searching for places to visit, you can consider these five places to travel to in Asia after the pandemic. Remember, while stepping out restrictions have been lifted, be wise in taking necessary steps for your own safety and for the community.

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