Transporting goods by water is a massive logistic undertaking but it’s the large quantities transported that make it so viable so when you ask “is marine transportation a good career path?”, the answer is yes.

Most of the cargo is transported by sea all over the world. This is especially true for bulk cargoes such as crude oil, petroleum products, liquefied natural gas, and bulk chemical products. The second place in terms of the volume of transportation by sea is occupied by containers.

Sea transport is the safest way to transport large quantities of goods. Coastal Administrations facilitate that more and more goods are transported by sea instead of by road, also for domestic goods transport. This contributes to lower climate emissions and reduced environmental impact.

Working in the marine transportation industry requires many different workers, from salesmen to dockworkers to ship captains and many other jobs. Is marine transportation a good career path? Yes, and in many different fields.

Careers in marine logistics will require responsibility as you have to organize a huge amount of goods via oceans from one place to the next. Jobs in marine transportation rely heavily on imports and exports too, contributing a lot to the global economy. Goods are moved to international ports where they are then uploaded and sent elsewhere.

Lots Of Employers – Lots Of Jobs

Is Marine Transportation a Good Career Path

Is marine transportation a good career path? Yes because there are so many different employers, giving you the choice of lots of different jobs. Typical employers in the marine transportation industry can include, among others –

  • Transport companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Shipping companies

Certainly, if you are looking for a career in this industry, you should at least gain some relevant knowledge, as there are some positions that require this.

There are many positions that you can work in with marine transportation. But is marine transportation a good career path? Yes, it is because these ports need security staff as well. This marine transportation allows for the transportation of huge, expensive items and this is where security becomes a major issue.

Let us now talk about the best paying jobs in marine transportation.

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Marine Transportation?

When you ask the question ‘what are the best paying jobs in marine transportation’ there are many different jobs, with many involving working on ships, but there is also a good choice of land-based jobs.

A High-Paying Job – Tugboat Captain

Tugboat Captain

A Tugboat Captain as an example can earn anything up to $145 000 a year. They need their wits about them as they have small vessels to tackle as they help large boats steer in tight spaces. These tugboat captains use their wits to guide boats out of a harbor.

Most of the marine transportation industry involves the transportation of both people and goods over the seas. What are the best paying jobs in marine transportation? Some of the best-paying jobs and also the most in-demand jobs include shipbuilding, naval architecture, electricians, mechanical engineers, pipefitters, and many more.

To get one of the higher-paying jobs in the marine industry you will need some specialized skills. Some of the best-paying jobs in marine transportation can be dangerous and you will require a technical degree.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Marine Transportation?

marine transportation industry

Is marine transportation a good career path? Yes, just having a job these days is considered something wonderful. In this particular industry, there are literally thousands of jobs available in marine transportation.

That must surely give hope to young people looking for a job. Not only that, some of the jobs are seriously lucrative too. Once you have trained you can apply for lots of different jobs all over the world. How many jobs are available in marine transportation?

In the United States, there are more than a million people working in the marine transportation industry, with the U.S. Bureau of Labo Statistics telling us that the industry will be adding 12% more jobs up till 2030. So when you’re looking for an answer to how many jobs are available in marine transportation, there are thousands.

Marine Transport Logistics

Marine Transport Logistics

The global shipping industry is massive to the economy and marine transport logistics is all about the transporting of goods on a global scale and keeping track of all shipping details. A marine transport logistics professional has the responsibility of seeing that goods reach the customer intact and on time.

A marine transport logistics manager has a massive job meeting the expectations of all customers. They are responsible for executing all transport matters including finances, as they organize routes and budgets and adhere to legal requirements.

Is marine transportation a good career path? Yes, and many companies are looking for technically minded people with engineering degrees. Engineers are highly paid, but there are many other jobs in the industry. Marine transportation jobs are increasing and there are also lots of opportunities to travel.

Some of the jobs come with risks and some aren’t easy, but they offer lots of perks, good pay, and a solid career. Is marine transportation a good career path? Yes, the job outlook through to 2030 is very strong and if you want this to be a real career with great opportunities, investigate the kind of position you want.

Get Your Foot In The Door

Ship fitter, cook, or something else – is marine transportation a good career path? Yes because you get basic level jobs that you can start with right away and which don’t require any post-secondary education. You can study on the job and climb the ladder of success in the marine transportation industry.

So, if you ask – “is marine transportation a good career path”, then the answer has to be yes as long as you do not have a problem with seasickness and do not fear waters.

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