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What Kind of Private Jet Service is Right for Your Business?

Private jet transportation is one of the most expensive but valuable flight options for growing businesses. The flexibility of scheduling, impressive service, and added security of charter services are more popular now than ever.

Private Jet Services

If your business has been considering the move to private jet travel, you aren’t alone. Several different kinds of jet charter companies are available, so be sure you understand how they differ and what each one offers.

Ad Hoc Jet Charter

With ad hoc service, you rent an entire plane to fit your travel itinerary. It avoids the need to sign a long-term lease for a private jet and gives you the flexibility you don’t have when booking with a commercial airline. You also avoid crowds at the airport and have total privacy onboard. If you use an ad hoc service regularly (a flight every month, for example), you may be able to negotiate a lower price.

Membership Charter Service

If you travel frequently, a private membership may be the answer. These charter services offer specific deals and travel packages to member businesses. You can call any time to book your flight, which will be on one of several jets owned by the charter service. Your flights will offer exceptional service and flexible scheduling as well as preference over individuals or companies who purchase ad hoc flights. You’ll pay the membership fee every month or annually regardless of how often you use the service.

On-Demand Jet Charters

On-demand charters are the most popular with small to medium-sized businesses. They offer great flexibility, safety, and security. Passengers can pay for an entire plane or opt to share rides if there is an available flight. The amenities offered on these jet charters are impressive, including options for gourmet inflight dining or ground transportation. On-demand charters like those offered at also provide a wide range of jet sizes and options, such as helicopter charters in some cases.

Joint Ownership

Some businesses choose to co-own a jet or small plane with other companies. It’s similar to a timeshare in that you have access to the plane and can use it whenever needed without paying full price for maintenance and the flight crew. Costs are divided among the owners. However, if someone else has already booked the jet for the same time that you need it, you can run into a problem. Most joint ownerships offer you a specific number of hours in return for the percentage of ownership.

Take into consideration cost, amenities, frequency of use, and destinations when comparing your company’s different private jet options. If you choose wisely, you’ll enjoy unparalleled convenience and service that’s well worth the price.

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