Because the transportation industry is so broad, when you ask the question ‘is transportation a good career path’, the answer will always be yes. This is because it involves moving people and freight from one place to the next, and this is a process that the entire world relies heavily on.

Is transportation a good career path? The transportation business encompasses a wide range of professions and career opportunities, most of which do not require considerable training or education as a condition for admission. These jobs and career options range from shipping, trucking, and commodities movement to oceangoing vessels and commercial airlines. Working in the transportation industry is undoubtedly a wonderful career choice to consider if you are interested in helping move people or things.

So when you ask – Is transportation a good career path?- it certainly is; simply because of what may come, people and goods have to be transported. Without transportation, life would grind to a standstill. Any job where you move people and goods around is known as a transportation job.

Is Transportation A Good Career Path – All About Transportation Jobs

Jobs Involving The Direct Movement Of Freight Or People


Some of the finest positions in transportation entail moving people or freight directly. These positions are often in great demand, which means that possibilities are many and pay is competitive. What’s more, these positions do not require years of formal schooling beyond high school. It must be noted though that many of these vocations need individuals to be away from home for lengthy periods of time. Depending on your circumstances, you may perceive this as an advantage or a drawback. Another disadvantage is that these positions are often sedentary, which can lead to health concerns if workers don’t receive enough exercise in their spare time.

The American Public Transportation Association

American transport

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) offers transportation jobs too. Not everyone looking for a job in the transportation industry wants to drive, fly or command a ship. There are many other careers such as transport administrator jobs in this huge industry where you do not have to do this.

If you do not want to be behind the wheels, you can be an admin clerk, a data capturer, or even a bookkeeper in the transportation industry. APTA offers all kinds of jobs, from drivers to admin positions. It is an organization that is dedicated to ensuring good public transport for the American people.

It is a nonprofit international association with more than 1,500 member organizations. When you ask the question ‘is transportation a good career path generally and also at the American Public Transportation Association, it is.

They are involved in all kinds of transport and strive to ensure that public transit is available and accessible to all Americans in communities around the country. The American Public Transportation Association offers good pay and excellent benefits. It would be wise to send a resume to APTA if you are interested in a career in transportation.

Every Government Is Responsible For Providing Reliable Public Transportation

Is transportation a good career path? Yes, transportation is a vital part of any country and every government is responsible for providing its people with safe, affordable, and accessible transport. The world relies on reliable transport, whether it is a bicycle, donkey cart, motorbike, tuk-tuk, boat, ship, train, airplane, or bus. If you are looking for an exciting, reliable career, the answer to the question is transportation a good career path gets you a yes.

What Companies Are In The Transportation Field?

What Companies Are In The Transportation Field

People also want to know what companies are in the transportation field. Transportation companies are important because they are not only important for making sure people get to where they need to be, but for goods as well. UPS, an Atlanta-based shipping company, is the biggest transportation company in the world. Its biggest customer is Amazon. What companies are in the transportation field besides UPS? There is FedEx, Lufthansa Group, United Airline Holdings, East Japan Railway, and others.

What Do Transportation Jobs Pay?

The average Transportation Worker’s salary is $64 000 a year in the United States. The average salary for a truck driver in the United States is $82 000 a year. That’s not to be sniffed at.

These truck drivers have a huge responsibility operating huge rigs that transport goods all over the countryside from the manufacturer to stores and distribution centers. They have to drive long distances that can keep them on the road for days. Demand is high for these truck drivers who will require a commercial driver’s license, but no degree is required.

What do transportation jobs pay across the entire transportation spectrum? Those who are on the lower end of the spectrum will get about $27,000 a year. Some of the career options in the transportation industry offer a salary of $148,000 a year. The area a person lives in can also have an impact on salary.

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Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilot

What do transportation jobs pay when you are in one of the higher-paying jobs? The highest paying transportation job is a commercial pilot. Their median national salary is in the region of $130,440. They fly for major airlines and some fly helicopters. The pay they receive will depend a lot on the kind of pilot they are and what their education is. Maybe they have got military flying experience and this can impact their salary.

Air Traffic Controller

An Air Traffic Controller is another high-paying job and their salary can be roughly $130 000 a year. They deserve such a good salary because their job is highly stressful and they have the responsibility of juggling the comings and goings of aircraft in the sky as well as at the airport. They have got to make sure there are not any collisions and have the lives of many people in their hands.

Transportation Is Always In Huge Demand

Is transportation a good career path? Yes, it is a massive field and whether the world is disrupted because of a new disease or because of some other calamity, transportation is always going to be in huge demand.

You will find that there are many different careers in the industry and the job titles listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. Consider a job in this industry and benefit from an exciting career that comes with great perks in all the different options available to you. I hope after reading the whole article, now you’ve got a clear answer to the question “is transportation a good career path”.