In today’s day and age, there are thousands of benefits both easily describable and highly abstract to having your business’ data stored online. The ease of use and retrieval coupled with the analytical tools available to businesses today make for unparalleled insights into your day-to-day operations.

As valuable as this data is to you, it is just as valuable if not more valuable to hackers. Personal data about customers as well as the inner workings of your business can be stolen and either used by the hackers themselves for financial gain or sold on black market data clearing houses for a quick buck. What most business owners don’t realize is that they are woefully unprotected against hackers and that it is merely the fact that they haven’t been targeted that keeps them safe.

Is Your Business Safe From Hacking

To that effect, here’s how you can insulate yourself from the effects of nefarious hackers:

Segment The Network

If all of your systems are interconnected by the same logins, all it takes is vulnerability in one of them for a hacker to gain access to the entire network. The system that handles your POS data should be separate from your internal Wi-Fi and things like planning software or employee login portals should all be kept separate. A breach in one area can be easy to contain, and if you end up having to shut down the system entirely to protect your data from being stolen it isn’t like your whole business is going to come crashing down.

Use The Right Technology

Things like employing a firewall and having strong passwords are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to having the right technology to ward off hackers. Typically, simply having any sort of security software at all is enough for hackers to focus on easier targets. If you aren’t particularly tech inclined, using a professional IT service ensures that all of the holes in your security are plugged effectively. There’s no reason to dawdle when upgrading your anti-virus and security systems, they can stop all sorts of breaches big and small and are a relatively simple step to undertake.

Is Your Business Safe From Hacking

Don’t Hoard Data

Some companies hold data long after it is useful for business. There’s no need to have a central registry with customer addresses or credit cards once their payments have been processed just so you can have it on file. If you don’t have any appealing data to steal in the first place, data breaches become much less of a worry since you know the hackers will have gone through all of the trouble for practically no reward.
The internet has become a very scary place, with intruders lurking all around the globe. If you’re connected to the outside world, there’s a chance the outside world can weasel in and take all of your data in one fell swoop. A large data breach will be insanely detrimental to your business and result in a loss of trust from customers or even large-scale cessation of day to day operations. So, stay safe.

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