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Is Your Project Failing? These 3 Signs Say Yes!

In many cases, a project comes about as a response to some type of crisis. This means the inception of a project may also be the reason for its ultimate failure. In many situations, there’s not much done to determine the organizational culture and to make sure a healthy environment is present, which is necessary to achieve the desired objective.

Rather, those in charge assume that everything is fine. The ultimate goal is to get the project started as quickly as possible. This type of mindset ignores everything that makes sure that all is fine. It’s absolutely paramount that a management team watch for signs of any possible challenges. When these mistakes are identified, it’s possible to promote organizational goals and to build the needed synergies.

The good news is, project managers don’t have to just guess if their project is destined for failure, as there are some tell-tale warning signs this is coming. Keep reading to find out what some of these warning signs are.

Keep in mind, while there are tools such as the 5 why analysis that can help determine and fix these issues, knowing the underlying problems is also extremely beneficial.

1. Stakeholders that are Disengaged

The perception stakeholders have of the failure or success of a business is crucial when determining success. If the stakeholders are alienated or disengaged, it is probably going to result in the team not being able to achieve the desired results.

As a result, you need to make sure that you get buy-in from key stakeholders, or at least a bigger population of the end users. If you don’t seek stakeholder involvement, that may cause resentment from these individuals toward your goal. This is because the stakeholders aren’t going to place any value on your efforts, and instead, view it as being a completely wasted exercise.

2. An Inexperienced Project Team

In many cases, your project is going to develop out of some type of crisis situation that requires people to “think fast.” Only a few people are actually able to do this. The majority of individuals have to rely on prior experiences in order to cope with the adverse factors often involved with this type of project.

This means that you need to have seasoned individuals in place to handle and ensure successful project execution. If there is a mismatch between team members’ abilities and the need of the project, then failure is highly likely.

3. There’s a Hidden Political Maneuver in Place

Organizational politics is a part of virtually all projects, and if someone says something different, then they obviously don’t understand too much about how businesses work. In many cases, a project is completely driven by various political maneuvers.

The goal here is to divert attention from some other issue or problem that may be present. These are often used just to pretend that a fix to the problem is created.

Unfortunately, there are many cases where there aren’t actually that many broken issues present. In fact, they are just being portrayed to help and disguise the actual political maneuver in place. As a result, you have to remain aware of any type of underlying politics that may be present.

Determine if there are really broken pieces in place. Why, you may wonder? Because the project may be created under certain pretenses in order to achieve a specified outcome.

If any of the situations listed here are in place, then your project may be destined for failure. Be sure to be aware of what’s going on to ensure that your project has the highest likelihood of success possible. This will pay off for you and your team in the long run.


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