If you’re rethinking the black and white status of monogamy, you’re not alone. Research shows infidelity is rising. And around 9 percent of American’s are okay with testing the waters. 

What happens when you’re ready to get back into the dating world without ending your marriage? You find out how to have an affair without your partner knowing. 

How to Have an Affair 

Secret affairs are exciting. They make your heart race, add suspense to your life, and fulfill some dreams. But if you get caught, it’s a bit a buzzkill. Here are some ways to make sure your affair stays a secret. 

1. Where to Meet 

One of the biggest steps to keeping your secret is finding the best places to meet for an affair. You don’t want to go somewhere someone will recognize you. And it seems a little callous to meet someplace you frequent with your S.O. 

It’s always a good thing to keep your relationships outside of your normal routine. That’s why out of town meetings are the best way to keep things low-key. Get a hotel, meet during a trip, or choose a place within driving distance. 

If you can’t get away, meet someplace that’s dark and where you won’t be seen. Nothing ruins a date like worrying that people are watching. 

2. Dating Websites 

If you’re seeking an extra-marital relationship, try a dating website. There are plenty of dating sites for married people where you can flirt discreetly. If you’re worried about someone finding out, create a fake email. 

If it’s been a while since you’ve been on a date, read these tips for first date success. 

3. Don’t Leave a Paper Trail 

You pick the perfect restaurant, you’re sneaky, and you think no one is going to find out. The problem is, you may not have thought of everything. 

If you share a bank account for your spouse, likely they can see everything. They can see the restaurants, the movies, the hotel room. Sooner or later, they’re going to get suspicious. 

The number one rule about affairs is to not leave a paper trail. That means using cash everywhere you go. If you don’t, the things you do are going to be known soon. Also, throw away your receipts. 

If you keep them in your pockets, purse, or car someone will find them. And then your affair is over. The bottom line is, be diligent when it comes to evidence, and never get sloppy. 

More Relationship Advice 

Not everyone knows how to have an affair without someone getting hurt. The process of keeping secrets and being discreet isn’t something everyone possesses. If you’re going to have an affair, make a plan, and don’t get caught. 

For some, seeing how hard it can be to have an affair can make them rethink it. If you decide to work on your marriage instead, you’ll need help. Read this article about relationship advice to get you started. 



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