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It’s Tee Time! How to Pick the Perfect Golf Attire

Here are some impressive golf statistics from the National Golf Foundation that’ll prove how much Americans love their golf.

In 2018, 107 million people played golf, watched it on TV, or read about it. That’s one in every three Americans age six and up.

Are you ready to get started on the course and hit one near the greens? Are you worried about silly things like golf attire? 

Don’t be. Of those 107 million playing golf last year, a whopping 2.6 million were playing for their very first time. You’re not alone — so don’t let something like your outfit hold you back from the game!

Here are some hole-in-one tips, for both men and women, for dressing appropriately for your first tee-off.

1. Keep It Fitted

Keep it fitted? Keep what fitted? 


You want your outfit to fit your body well — not too baggy or too long. You don’t want to wear oversized shirts with sleeves that cover your elbows. You also don’t want to get spotted with golf pants that extend beyond the tops of your shoes.

Keep things like length in mind. Similarly, ladies wouldn’t want their golf skirt to be too short or their capris too loose.

Tops should be three-quarter sleeves — any longer looks shabby. If you’re in shape, you may be able to get away with some shorter sleeves.

2. Wear a Belt

Google some of the pro golfers, and you’ll see that almost every single one is wearing a belt (except for those outliers).

A complementary belt goes a long way when completing your outfit’s look. Keep it in neutral, matching tones, like a wood-brown.

You don’t want a contrasting black belt with khaki pants and a salmon-colored top!

3. Invest in Khakis

Speaking of khakis — this neutral color is all over the golf course. It’s a great go-to hue, matching with almost everything while staying appropriate and casual to boot.

Invest in khaki bottoms. This versatile piece will allow you to pair it with almost any colored top, shoes, or belt. If khaki isn’t your thing, a tone like navy will have practically the same appeal.

4. Keep It Simple

Do you want to wear bright bottoms?

That’s okay! Pair them with a simple top. 

Feel like wearing a bright pink top? That’s okay, too — as long as you’re keeping the bottom half of you simple.

Keep this formula in mind when getting dressed. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear something bright, expressive, and fun. Just keep the rest of your attire more casual so that you don’t stand out in a wrong way.

5. Wear Comfortable Shoes

On the course, comfortable sneakers or shoes with small spikes are perfect.

Keep the open-toed shoes at home with your flip flops, chunky sneakers, or high heels. The best golf shoes are one with either a flat heel or one with little gripping spikes. Anything beyond this is not only uncomfortable but inappropriate. 

6. Golf Attire No-Gos

When you leave your going-out shoes at home, there are a couple of other no-gos for the golf course.

Don’t wear cargo shorts. This falls into the “baggy” category. Keep your shorts sleek with minimal pockets.

No collar-less shirts. While this isn’t the worst thing you can do, collared shirts are preferred on the course. Keep your collar down, too — popped collars look ridiculous while golfing.

It’s Tee Time!

Now that you know the perfect golf attire, you’re almost ready to go!

Dressing for golf is actually very simple — don’t make it harder than it has to be! Follow these tips as you dress for your first game and you should be fine.

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