Jet Crash-Landed At The Airport Of San Francisco

One aircraft Boeing 777 crashed and landed at the international airport of San Francisco.There isn’t any word on the casualties yet. Only some photographs are seen with passengers who are jumping down emergency slides that are inflatable and leaving this area, while smoke plumes rise above plane.

Rescue team and firefighters are present at scene of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 that’s downed. Cause of this emergency isn’t known.Aircraft tool off from Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

There were two-ninety-two passengers as well as sixteen members of crew on board. Plane has capacity for 300 passengers.Though sequence of the events is unclear yet, it appears plane landed then crashed over the Runway 28L of San Francisco International Airport, according to Laura Brown, the spokeswoman of Federal Aviation Administration.

Footage of scene shows debris strewn over runway with smoke pouring out of jet, as the fire crew sprays white retardant of fire into the gaping holes of roof of craft. An engine and tail fin appear to have been broken off main wreckage.

Pictures were posted by David Eun, a passenger, of the people jumping to get out of emergency slides of plane and he wrote that he crash landed and tail was ripped off and that everyone was ok.He also wrote, “Fire and rescue people all over the place. They’re evacuating the injured. Haven’t felt this way since 9/11.”

One witness of crash, Ki Siadatan, told that plane looked as it was out of control while descending over Bay of San Francisco to land at just about 11:30.He told that sound of ‘boom’ was heard and plane was seeing disappearing into smoke and dust cloud and then there was another explosion.

He looked at the events from his house’s balcony in San Francisco Millbrae area that overlooks airport. Also, he added, the weather conditions happened to be fine and only a little wind was there.Since this incident, departures and arrivals at airport are suspended.

Boeing 777 with twin engines has good record of safety as aircraft for long-haul and is put to use by several major carriers.South Korea’s 2nd largest airline happens to be Asiana. So always think twice before head out to Las Vegas in a jet.

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