There’s no denying that the Jets have had a difficult start to the season. Still, that doesn’t mean they need to be excluded from your fantasy football drafts. There are some great options in that roster that many people may not have considered. Here are the Jets players you should target in fantasy football drafts.

Player To Target In Fantasy Football Drafts

Zach Wilson – QB – #10

Zach Wilson – QB – #10

No matter who is thrown out there, we know we’ve got a great quarterback on our team. We also had an amazing defense as well as some really good weapons. As Sheldon Richardson says, β€œWe’re not the worst team in the league. So, that means we can compete against anyone and beat anyone.”

Josh McCown – QB – #15

McCown is a great option as an experienced quarterback who knows the game and has taken it to another level this season. He may not put up big numbers all the time, but he has proven capable of outsmarting other players on the field and making plays happen when they need to happen.

Corey Davis – WR – #84

Corey Davis is a very good wide receiver to pick up in fantasy football drafts. He has really great speed and knows how to use it on the field, which means he’s likely to get you at least one touchdown per game. You can also expect him to stay pretty steady with about 40 yards each game.

Like any player, Davis is projected to have his ups and downs. That’s why it’s always useful to use online resources to check on performance and choose whether they are right for your team. This is particularly true if you’re into gambling. Take some time to find the best online sportsbook for you and your fantasy team will definitely improve.

Elijah Moore – WR – #12

Elijah Moore – WR – #12

Moore is a great option as well and can likely garner you about the same points that Davis does. He may not be the fastest player, but he’s got better height which means he can outreach other players on the field. He could really benefit from having Wilson as his quarterback because they seem to understand each other very well.

Clive Walford – TE – #88

This is one of the players who may fly under the radar in your fantasy football draft, but you should definitely take a look at him. Walford has fantastic hands and provides good service for his quarterbacks. He could average about 20 yards per game this season, which is certainly enough to get you a few extra points.

Isaiah Crowell – RB – #34

Isaiah Crowell – RB – #34

There’s no doubt that the Jets have some great running backs this season, but many people will be looking at Isaiah Crowell as their main choice. He has been really solid with the team so far and continues to get a pretty steady 8.5 yards per game.

That means that he’s going to be an amazing player for you in the fantasy football draft if you get him on your team.

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