Artificial intelligence, or AI, replicates human intellect and uses it on machines. Many machines have become so intelligent that they are able to take over human roles in society, saving on labor costs and expensive mistakes that can only be made by human error. Nevertheless, there are many jobs that are safe from replaced by AI, and here are a few of the most important.

Irreplaceable Jobs

Human Resource Managers

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While AI can play an important role in matching job candidates for a certain role on paper, it is not capable of judging emotional skills. It would therefore help you to gather a list of candidates fast, but not necessarily the right ones for the job. Furthermore, HR managers require a lot of reasoning skills to help deal with conflicts and they should be understanding of different emotional circumstances and think outside of the box to resolve situations. A robot would lack the interpersonal skills and ability to think past its programmed answers to be able to perform well as an HR manager, although it may be used in the future to support its role.

Computer Analyst

As long as there will be computers around, there will also be a need for humans that can build, repair and maintain them. This is where the computer systems analysts come in, who work in collaboration with other people in their industry to review computer system recovery, workflow, and scheduling limitations. The fact that AI is becoming so popular and will continue to develop in the future means that a computer systems analyst is one of the least threatened computer-related jobs, mainly because the job is near-impossible for robots to perform.



The ability to educate is possible for a robot to perform; however, they will never be capable of using their own wisdom and human experiences to inspire students. Tools in classrooms do already exist, with some being very sophisticated, but these can only ever be used as a support to the teacher rather than a replacement to ensure that the students feel a sense of belonging. Teachers need to be human if they are to be successful. Nevertheless, more frequently people are able to teach themselves using technology and may no longer require higher education, such as universities for certain subjects like digital marketing. What these students would miss out on, however, is the human contact and wisdom shared between a group.


Being an athlete is all about testing the limits of the human body and pushing it to an extent where onlookers can watch and be entertained by the challenge that these inspirational people put themselves through. As entertaining as watching robots play sport or run might be for people in the early days, it is not something that could eventually replace human sportsmen.


AI lacks the creative intelligence that is required to be an artist. This is true in any field of the arts such as dance, writing, drama, and sculpture since AI doesn’t have the ability to think of original or unusual ideas. Furthermore, it does not have enough knowledge of theory, to begin with, a work of art and must follow a set of rules or algorithms to perform a task, which goes against the exact nature of what it is to be an artist. Artists can never be replaced by AI since they lack imagination and are not able to think as freely as a human. Therefore, becoming an artist is a pretty sensible option for the future if you have the talent.

Medical Professionals

Private Medical Facility

Technology and medicine have come a long way in recent times, although the need for a human being during medical treatments and emergencies will never be replaced by AI truly. What AI can help with is the precision level at which medical professionals can now work; some medical procedures that wouldn’t have been possible years ago, now are. Nevertheless, it is important for a surgeon or nurse to have the ability to connect with a patient to put them at ease and make them feel comfortable. This is not possible for a robot to achieve and therefore it will be a safe profession for the future. Check out the online accelerated BSN programs in nursing at Baylor University to earn a bachelor’s degree that will help to drive you into a fulfilling career for life by learning from a nationally recognized faculty.

Therapists And Counselors

Another role that requires the wisdom and emotional capacity of a human is that of a therapist or counselor. Imagine suffering from a mental health issue and turning up at the therapist’s office only to find that you are going to be listened to by a robot. This would not be a welcome situation since the role of a therapist is not only to come up with intelligent advice for the patient but also to understand what the patient isn’t communicating through verbal language. A therapist must be able to read all kinds of human signals, including facial expressions and body language before they can justify a reasonable solution.

Directors And CEOs

There is no rule book to how a manager should lead his team or organization since there are usually a number of both quantitative and qualitative data to take into account before taking action. Therefore, AI might be useful in assisting a director or CEO in some tasks that require reviewing quantitative data, although it would never be able to actually replace a human being. A company director also shares some similarities with the HR manager, whereby they are required to share the company’s values and deal with issues on an emotional level, along with those of a teacher who wishes to inspire and develop. Furthermore, investors would probably not feel comfortable investing in a company that is solely run on algorithms, so a business model with a robot at the top would not be viable.

If you are looking to future-proof your career, choosing one of these options is a great place to start. Nevertheless, these aren’t the only options, with roles that require emotional intelligence and creative thinking is the most protected.

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