3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Your Child Custody Hearing

Divorce can prove to be a very challenging time for any family, and the thing that adds more stress to the process is a custody hearing for your children. Child custody hearings can be nerve-wracking, especially when your not sure of what the outcome is going to be.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips about what to expect when you attend your custody hearing. Hopefully, the information that we provide for you will help you to feel better prepared and relieve some of the extra stress that you’ve been feeling.

Preparing For A Custody Hearing

The first thing that you need to do when preparing for a custody hearing is to hire a child custody attorney. They will be the ones to represent you in court and make all of your wants and needs as it pertains to your children known to the judge and others present during the hearing.

You must discuss what you want from the custody hearing so that your attorney can create a plan to help get you as close to a positive outcome as possible. Remember, your attorney also has the focus of getting what’s best for your child as well.

1. Are You Fit To Parent

In some cases, one parent or the other will request that they are awarded full custody of the children. For this judgment to be handed down, the parent seeking sole custody will need to prove why they deserve sole custody. They will also need proof that the other person is unfit to parent.

It is essential that before entering the hearing, you’ve got all of the documentation necessary to prove that you’re a fit parent. This could mean providing proof of residence with room for the children as well as proof of income.

2. Behave In Court

As stated, divorce can be a challenging process, and at times it can be pretty messy. When emotions get the best of people, you may find yourself arguing in court. However, we urge you to understand that you need to conduct yourself properly in court. If you’ve been using a co-parenting app, some of the message interaction between you and your co-parent may be used in court.

Refrain from allowing your emotions to overwhelm you causing outbursts in court. This will work against you instead of in your favor.

3. Be Prepared If Things Don’t Go Your Way

Going to court may be unpredictable in some cases; therefore, you must be prepared for everything. Things may work in your favor, and sometimes they may not. Being prepared for everything means having a plan if things don’t go exactly as planned.

These plans should be discussed with your attorney ahead of time so that you’re able to take immediate action.

Are You Ready For Your Hearing?

In a custody hearing, it’s about what’s best for the children involved in the case. Everything you do is for the benefit of your children, and we hope that the tips we’ve provided will help you to be better prepared for court.

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