Purchasing a luxury watch goes further than just placing it on your wrist in the day, and placing it back in a protective case at night. After spending a few thousands of dollars on your piece, the key to its longevity is the care and maintenance you give it. Proper precautions will help your watch maintain its signature style and shine.

To help shed some light on this important topic, you need to know how to take care of your timepiece. In fact, routine and consistent maintenance is the best way of helping your luxury accessory maintain its value for decades. Here is more on what to do to take care of your luxury watch.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Exposing your watch to strong sunlight for extended periods will easily fade its colors. In addition, the heat from the sun can damage moving components in the watch.

Regular Servicing

You most likely never drive your car for thousands of miles without servicing it, and the same applies to your timepiece. Get the watch serviced at least every three or five years depending on its brand to ensure that it is in good shape. Shop around for a professional watch servicer the same way you would when looking for a trusted mechanic.

The three or five-year range is quite flexible, but it’s always better playing it safe than regretting later. If you feel that you should have it serviced close to the three-year mark, do so without hesitation. Ignoring servicing easily leads to your watch’s diminished value.

Clean Surface Regularly

Get a soft damp cloth for cleaning the metal watch bracelets and cases, and cotton buds for cleaning the links. Cleaning is especially important if you’ve just been in chlorinated water or salt water, which are quite corrosive.

Never immerse the watch in hot water. Even if it is marked as water resistant, high temperatures can easily damage watch gaskets. Furthermore, always keep your leather straps dry.

Store Watch Paperwork

Make sure that any warranty cards, paperwork, accessories or anything else that came with your watch, such as mens Panerai watches, is kept safe. The documentation and accessory will further enhance the value of your watch if you every try reselling it.

Apart from increasing its resell value, keeping all the information that comes with your watch on purchase is critical. The add-ons are a part of what gives your watch identity, and not having them is just as bad as ignoring servicing.

Avoid Magnets

Never leave your luxury watch somewhere close to anything with a strong magnet, like fridges, bag magnets, and stereo speakers. Placing the watch near magnets will magnetize internal components, resulting in loss of accuracy, which translates to either lost or gained time.

Keep in mind, watches might stop working when exposed to a magnetic strength of about 60 gauss. For clarity, your fridge door magnetic measures at about 50 gauss.

Get it Checked When Dropped

If you make the mistake of dropping your watch, make sure you get it checked right away. Ignoring the drop is likely going to make things even worse. Getting it to the professionals will ensure that you limit any damage (and depreciation) to the watch.

Insure Your Watch

Just as you insure your mobile phone, car, or home, it’s critical to think about getting a cover for your luxury watch. While some people might argue that the sentimental value of a watch is irreplaceable, getting a cover provides you with comfort in case it is stolen or lost. The price of the cover largely depends on the model and make of the watch as well as the insurer you are signing up with.

Keep Watch Ticking Over

Like your car engine, your watch’s movement needs to be ticked over occasionally or parts seize up. If you have a mechanical watch, keep winding it often, but be careful not to overwind.

Stop every time you feel resistance. If you have an automatic watch, use a watch winder for about 30 minutes a day to keep the parts in excellent condition without wearing them out.

Don’t Change Date Between 9 and 3 Positions

While setting the date on your luxury watch, ensure you do so while the hour hand is in the lower half – like the 6 o’clock position. Your watch movement flips to the next day at midnight, but gears may take some time to engage before 12 and disengage afterward. Adjusting the date with gears engaged reduces damaging the date movement, which may lead to misalignment in the date window.


Keep Your Luxury Watch in Pristine Condition with These Tips

When properly cared for, your luxury watch will easily last a lifetime and even beyond. If you have inherited your watch and intend to pass it on, it’s important that you keep it in fine working condition. The tips above will make the task easy.

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