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Keeping Baby Healthy: How to Choose the Best Baby Formula

When it comes to feeding your baby, professionals agree that breast milk is best and should be your first choice. In the case that breastfeeding and pumping aren’t an option for you, then choosing the best baby formula is important for your baby’s overall health and development.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of great baby formulas on the market and readily available at your local supermarket. They also won’t break the bank.

Continue reading to find out how to choose the best baby formula for you and your little one.

Types of Formula

There are many different types of baby formula available to suit your baby’s dietary needs. Make sure you get the best available formula for your baby, preferably certified organic and without any added synthetic additives, such as HiPP AR.

Cow’s Milk Formula

Formula made from cows’ milk should be your starting base. Most babies will thrive on cow’s milk. Animal products contain the full range of amino acids (protein) for optimal baby development.

Cow’s milk formula is the least expensive and has a range of variations to help with your baby’s individual needs. There are specialist brands to help with gassy babies, hungry babies or a baby with digestive issues. It’s worth giving these a try if you experience problems with general cow’s milk formula.

If your baby is suffering from colic, wind or upset tummy, then considering soy or a hypoallergenic formula instead.

Hypoallergenic Formula

This can help many babies who are allergic to general cow’s milk formula. When there is a known family history of food allergies, breast milk is best in this case to avoid allergic reactions from the formula.

Even if you aren’t able to breastfeed, you can still express milk to give to your baby.

Soy Formula

Soy formulas use the soy protein as the base for the formula. Soy is a protein derived from plants, and unlike cow’s milk, is suitable for vegetarians. If your baby is going to follow a strict vegetarian diet, then the best thing to give them is breast milk.  

If your baby is allergic to lactose, you can still purchase lactose-free cows milk formula.

Organic Formula

An organic formula can be a great choice if you are concerned about additives from the production process. Hipp Baby Formula is a fantastic organic formula for all age ranges. 


Babies have different nutrient requirements at the different developmental stages of their life. A newborn formula and a toddler formula are very different in composition.

Ensure you always purchase the correct formula for the age of your baby, so you know they are receiving the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for their particular developmental stage.

Add-Ins Are Good

Breast milk contains a lot of extra nutrients, like iron for example. Formula milk will often be fortified with iron and other nutrients to mimic the composition of breast milk. These add-inns are essential.

Buy the Best Baby Formula for Your Little One

Always purchase brand name formulas to make sure you feed your baby the best baby formula available. If you are unsure about which formula to purchase, it’s best to consult a doctor.

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