People tend to exclude many foods considered staples when on a keto diet. The main reason is that these staples primarily consist of high carbohydrate content. However, some staple food can be included in a keto diet and still fit your macronutrients. The key here is to find one that does not sacrifice flavor for one’s keto diet.

Beef is one of those vital staples in a keto diet. Whether it be a keto beef stir fry recipe, steak or burgers, or ground or marinated meat, beef is found in nearly every meal. You can consume a wide variety of meat on the keto diet with different textures and tastes. This post will highlight what makes this meat an ideal match for a ketogenic diet.

Why Is It a Key Ingredient in a Keto Diet?

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Beef is one of the tastiest sources of protein on the market today. It also contains iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 which are all essential for maintaining good health. It’s also a great source of fat because it has about 70 percent fat content compared to chicken which only has about 40 percent fat content. It also contains fewer carbohydrates than chicken or pork, so it’s usually better suited for those following a low-carb diet.

When choosing beef, choose cuts that are higher in fat, such as ribeye steaks or chuck roast, if possible, because they have more marbling which means more fat content compared to leaner cuts, such as tenderloin steak or filet mignon steak.

What Are the Best Beef Cuts for a Keto Recipe?

Beef Cuts for a Keto Recipe

Keto is a diet high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbs. If you’re following the ketogenic diet for weight loss, you must ensure you’re getting enough protein, which can help with satiety. Here’re some best cuts for keto recipes:

  • Chuck Roast: Chuck roast is an excellent cut of meat for slow cooking because it’s well-marbled with fat and connective tissue that melts into tenderness when simmered. It can make a pot roast or braised meats like pulled or shredded beef tacos.
  • Flank Steak: Flank steak is also slow-cooked, as it has high fat and a nice texture once cooked through and sliced thin against the grain. It’s also excellent grilled over high heat on an outdoor grill or pan-seared indoors in a cast iron skillet.
  • Ribeye Steak: These cuts work great with keto beef stir fry recipes. Ribeye steaks are grilled or pan-seared quickly over high heat until they reach your preferred doneness level.

When cooking this recipe, one should remember that one should not cook the meat and the vegetables together in a pot or a pan. It is best to fry the meat first and then start with the veggies. Folks must add fresh ginger to this menu to get a unique flavor.

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You can also slice ribeyes thinly and serve them cold as carpaccio, a traditional Italian dish consisting of raw beef sliced paper thin and dressed with high-fat, low-carb sauces.

Final Thoughts

Ketogenic diets are often tricky for low-carb dieters, who feel their meals are limited to highly processed meats. But adding keto beef recipes to your diet can improve the taste immensely, even if you’re following a gluten-free plan. Adding a few spices and high-fat sauces to these meat recipes will ensure you’ll never give up on such a diet!