The average insurance claim for water damage in the United States of America is over $11,000, so putting off a roof leak repair is a costly mistake you should take steps to avoid. Water will cause the wood structure of your home to deteriorate and rot, putting your family at risk of illness and injury. Getting roof repair is possible if you know how to identify roof damage.

Some signs of a leaking roof are clear, with water trickling into your home during rainstorms. Still, it’s essential to find the subtler signs that you have roof damage that needs repair.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to identifying signs of a roof leak in your home. Keep reading to learn more today!

Key Signs of a Roof Leak

Roof Leak

1. Water Stains

Water stains are one of the most evident indications that you have a roof leak allowing water into your home. Most homeowners notice water stains on the walls and ceilings of their homes. The water damage stains are often yellow or brown, and you should look in the center of the room for these signs of a leaking roof.

If you notice water stains in the center of your ceiling, it’s vital to schedule roof repair sooner than later. Waiting too long for repairs will result in mold and a rotten frame for your roof. It opens the door to a sagging or collapsing roof.

2. Mold on Exterior Walls

It’s also wise to look for signs of mold on the exterior walls if you’re worried that you have a roof leak on your hands. Mold on exterior walls is a sure sign that you have roof damage allowing large volumes of water into your home. Measure where the mold begins and the distance between the mold and the nearest corner of your home.

You can measure the closest doorway if you find mold on an exterior wall at your home. You can measure that distance on the outside wall to find the reason for the water damage and mold growth. Consider hiringΒ these residential roofing optionsΒ to get the necessary repairs to keep your home and family safe.

3. Dripping

Dripping is one of the worst noises you can hear in your home as a homeowner, as it’s a sign of a leaky faucet at best and a sign of a roof leak at worst. Dripping water in your home is a sure sign that you have a leak somewhere. You might only hear the dripping during rainstorms, but it’s vital to ensure the leak isn’t constant to avoid costly water damage claims.

Missing Shingles

You should be extra cautious if you notice water dripping in your home during winter. The water may have frozen and created an ice dam preventing the dripping. You’ll have a massive mess on your hands when the ice thaws and the water flows freely through your roof leak and into your home.

4. Missing Shingles

If your home has asphalt shingles for your roofing material, you need to remain vigilant about your shingles after severe weather and storms. Missing shingles might not seem like a big deal, but you’re inviting a roof leak into your life by failing to get roof repair in the bald areas. The shingles prevent water from escaping into the wood beneath and causing severe water damage.

Monitor your shingles if you want to keep your home safe and prevent significant water damage. Broken shingles are another important thing to keep an eye on. Schedule a roof leak repair as soon as you spot the missing or damaged shingles for peace of mind.

5. Damaged or Missing Flashing

The metal flashing on your roof is another essential component for a safe home that is free of roof leaking issues. The flashing goes around the edges of your roof vents and chimney. A lack of flashing allows water to leak into your roof and spread through the attic. Rusting flashing is another issue to watch out for, especially as your home starts aging.

The most common cause of missing flashing is severe weather. If your home has gone through a tornado or hurricane, it’s quite possible that you’re missing flashing from the massive amount of wind. It’s possible to replace the missing or damaged flashing without getting a roof replacement.

Remember that chimneys are a common cause of roof leaks. Always hire a professional roof repair company to fix the flashing if you notice a roof leak around your chimney.

6. Puddles of Water

Puddles of Water on roof

Puddles of water on your home’s roof are another bad sign that you have a roof leak. This issue is more common in homes with flat roofs, but it’s still something to get checked out by a certified roofing expert. The water could leak through the roof if it sits for a long period of time, thanks to osmosis.

Take a look at the area beneath where the puddle sits to look for signs of a roof leak. You can catch this issue before it spreads and becomes more costly to resolve. Check the entire area around the puddle, as a leak might not occur directly beneath it.

7. Plumbing Vent Boots

Another clear sign that you have a roof leak is if your home is allowing water in through the plumbing vent boots. The plumbing vent looks like a white PVC pipe that extends out of your home’s roof. The boot can get torn or start to rot, allowing water into your home during rain storms.

Identify Your Roof Leak Today

Taking steps to identify your roof leak is vital if you want to keep your home safe from mold and a collapsing roof. It’s a bad sign that you have a leaking roof if you’re seeing water stains on the roof and walls of your home, as well as mold growth on exterior walls. Damaged or missing shingles also tell you that you need roof leak repair as soon as possible.

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