Did you know that the peak age of those affected by carpal tunnel syndrome is between 40 and 60 years of age? If you work a lot from your computer or laptop then it is super important to be proactive about keeping your wrists and hands pain-free. We have put together this short guide about the best keyboard trays to help prevent dealing with CTS.

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1. Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Adjustable Keyboard

An adjustable keyboard tray is perfect if you are looking for flexibility. Most people choose to use these when they are typing while standing, but they can be used while sitting as well.

These keyboard trays can also be adjusted at different angles depending on your needs.

2. Under Desk Keyboard Tray

Another option is a keyboard tray that clips under your desk. You want to make sure that you also position your mouse at the same level as your keyboard tray to assist in ergonomic typing. There are some under desk options that also come with a cushion rest pad for your wrists.

3. Stand Up Desk Tray

For those that strictly work from standup desks and require a standing keyboard stand, then this tray option might be right up your alley. Look for a stand-up tray that you can adjust the height to different levels to ensure that you can adjust it to your specific height.

Desk Tray

Methods to Minimize Stress on Your Hands

While there is no exact strategy to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome 100%, there are certain methods that will help minimize the symptoms. One of the first things is to hit the keys softly.

Also, when you are typing for a prolonged period of time, take frequent breaks. Stop for a few minutes and bend and stretch your hands and wrists.

Keep an eye on bending your wrist all the way up or all the way down. You want to make sure you stay in a relaxed middle position instead. If you work in an office that is really cold, try to keep your hands warm because cold hands will lead to developing hand pain and stiffness.

When you are working always pay attention to your posture. If you are not standing correctly, you will roll your shoulders forward and this will shorten your shoulder and neck muscles. This will end up compressing the nerves in your neck and will eventually start to negatively affect your wrists, hands, and fingers.

Last but not least, if your computer mouse strains your wrist, it is time to change it.

Like a Keyboard

Feeling Like a Keyboard Trays Pro?

Now that you have some top computer keyboard trays to help avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, you can make an informed decision on the best option for you. Keep in mind that maintaining proper wrist posture while typing is key to avoiding symptoms of carpal tunnel.

If our blog post helped you out, feel free to keep browsing this section for our latest tips and tricks.

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