About 14% of the cost of a major kitchen remodel is dedicated to appliances and ventilation alone. If you’re overhauling your kitchen, you need to know how to choose the right appliances. Choosing the wrong kitchen appliance provider could affect your kitchen’s appearance and functionality.

Here are five kitchen appliance buyer mistakes to avoid while you’re shopping. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure the appliances suit your needs and aesthetics.

Avoid wasting time and money with these tips today.

1. Not Measuring the Space

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Before you begin reviewing different types of appliances, measure your kitchen space. Otherwise, you might purchase appliances that don’t fit or stick out in your kitchen. You could waste time and money sending them back, only to purchase another appliance that doesn’t fit.

Grab your measuring tape to determine how much space you’ll need for each appliance. Make sure appliance doors (for the oven, dishwasher, etc.) will open without blocking walking space.

Make sure it’s possible to get the appliance into your house, too. Measure the door frames, hallways, or staircase ahead of time. Before making any purchases, check the appliance’s dimensions.

2. Never Gathering Research

Research each product you’re interested in and each kitchen appliance provider. Make sure the company has a positive reputation by reading online reviews.

If too many buyers complain about the company or product, remove it from your list of options. For a reputable brand you can trust, consider Express Appliance.

3. Not Checking Hookups

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Before making any purchases, check the hookups within your home. For example, the fridge you purchase might have an ice maker or water dispenser. You’ll need a water line in place (make sure it’s up to code, too).

Determine whether your stove is gas or electric ahead of time as well. Some companies can install the line for you if necessary.

4. Never Comparing Prices

Before choosing a kitchen appliance provider, compare prices between providers. Make sure to set a kitchen appliance budget ahead of time. If you’re buying more than one appliance, make sure the total suits your budget.

Comparing prices can help you determine the average for each appliance.

5. Being Too Trendy

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When choosing between kitchen appliances, avoid being too trendy. Newer products aren’t always better products, especially if the company is new to the industry. Instead, do your due diligence by reading online reviews.

Look for appliances that suit your budget and needs. Otherwise, you might end up with an appliance with fancy features you don’t intend to use. You could waste money (and space in your kitchen) as a result.

Avoid These Kitchen Appliance Buyer Mistakes

Don’t rush when buying appliances for your kitchen. Instead, take your time to avoid these kitchen appliance buyer mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes while also ensuring you avoid wasting time and money.

Instead, you can boost appliances that suit your needs and kitchen appliance budget.

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