Even the smallest thing in Griffin can cause a wiff of excitement in the people so it was perfectly expected that people will be over excited about the new opening of Kroger at Griffin Pavilion. It was a fine Wednesday morning but the opening was not so normally boring. There were about 150 people who were so much excited about getting inside the big shop at 7 am in the morning when the inauguration took place. The number of the people outside the store before the inauguration was reported by Billy Butts who is the store manager. The official grand opening along with the ribbon cutting ceremony was taken place at 10 am.

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The facts and figures of the new Kroger are very interesting and impressive. The store is about 94,000 square foot and has more than 300 employees since they had to open and add 183 more jobs. Help was given to them by local Georgia Department of Labor to fill these jobs and for this the department was thanked by the Kroger team. According to the Mayor Joan Todd there were about 183 jobs but the applicants for them were about 1,000. People are very much grateful since they are enjoying the advantages of a giant departmental store. According to the mayor one can get lost and drown in the massive area of the store. One can get lot in it easily.

The store provided an up scaled experience of shopping to the people. The Kroger history goes way back to 1951 when the first store was opened on the South Hill compromising on 9,000 square feet. Jennet Bibbs was presented with the key to the city by the mayor because she has been with Kroger since 1953 which is very near the time when Kroger was inaugurated in Griffin for the first time. Since 1951, Kroger has changed sites for about four times in 1974 to West Taylor Street, in 1989 to Spalding Village site. Now it is present between the Lowe’s and the intersection which comes with Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway and is the biggest site of Kroger than in history.

The new big Kroger is having a fuel center, Starbucks, deli department, sushi bar, bistro, a beautifully expanded Natures Market, pharmacy, organic food along with the merchandise department. There are so many activities being held in the Kroger for little kids in the morning to help out the shopping mothers.

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