Lady Thatcher – Remembered By The Westminster Service

Simon McCoy at BBC watched the arrival of coffin at Westminster. Norman Smith, the Chief Correspondent of Politics was also there.

Politicians, friends and family from everywhere have paid respect to the Baroness, before the funeral of the former PM on Wednesday.

At Westminster Palace, short service with 100 MPs, peers, Downing Street and parliamentary staff was held.

The jack-draped coffin in a hearse had reached earlier.

Meanwhile, PM’s Questions taking place on Wednesday ought to be cancelled by MPs’ votes, after several MPs had attempted to compel for them to be carried on.

Dying on 8th of April, Lady Thatcher, who was 87 years old, was presented a funeral quite ceremonial with military honors that was like a step down compared to any state funeral.

Baroness’ body will rest overnight in St Mary Under croft chapel in Westminster Palace where service for family members, staff from Downing Street and Parliament and senior figures of both Parliament Houses was conducted by the Westminster’s Dean.

The senior figures present included John Bercow, the Commons Speaker; Andrew Lansley, the House’s Leader; Sir George, the Chief Whip and Iain Duncan, the Pensions and Work Secretary.

Baroness William, the Liberal Democrat, commented that the service was very impressive and not political at all but more about the Thatcher family.

Sir Gerald, the Conservative MP, said that the ceremony was dignified.

For both Houses’ members and the parliamentary staff to pay respects, chapel will remain open for many hours.

The chaplain of House of Commons’ Speaker will keep the vigil throughout night then.

Meanwhile, the two MPs Dennis Skinner of Labour and George Galloway of Respect tried interrupting the plans in order to postpone start of the business of Commons on Wednesday till 14:30 according to BST, that would lead to cancellation of the Questions.

MPs were told by Mr Galloway that there wasn’t any reason to suspend democracy and that British establishment is making a big mistake by giving this ceremonial funeral for Lady Thatcher.

According to Mr Skinner, argument was regarding class and it was one rule for those at the top and another for those at the bottom.

But the MPs gave 245 votes for the parliamentary business to be rescheduled in order that the MPs would then be allowed to attend this funeral.

In Scottish Parliament, a debate is delayed due to the funeral.

At Holyrood, main parties’ve agreed to move the discussion to Thursday though independent members and Green Party wanted to have it just after the funeral service.

On the morning of Wednesday, at first the coffin will be moved from the Westminster Palace to St Clement’s Church, which is RAF’s Central Church.

It would be shifted to gun carriage afterwards and then taken towards St Paul’s in procession.

Edinburgh’s Duke and the Queen are included in the 2000 people who are expected to be present at the service.

Former Vice-President of US, Dick Cheney along with the State’s ex-secretary, Henry Kissigner, would be among guests whereas around 4000 police would be present on duty.

James Baker and George Shultz, who have both been secretaries to state in Thatcher’s era, will lead Barack Obama’s presidential delegation.

But Alicia Castro, the ambassador of Argentina to London, has declined the invitation to be at the service.

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