If you are in the technology financial industry, then you have probably heard of the name Michael A. Robinson. With over 34 years of experience in Silicon Valley, Mr. Robinson is among some of the finest analysts around. Through his weekly newsletter and other projects, he explores how the most important tech innovations are reshaping the world, and show businesses and entrepreneurs how to profit.

About Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson is a board member of Silicon Valley capital firms and a full-time consultant and senior advisor for a few other establishments. He is now strategically working on several major technological innovations including robotics used to transform the cloud computing industry, automotive industry, and the most recent cyber military technologies.

Mr. Robinson has a very persuasive style as a reporter and writer. He is nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. He is the author of the monthly newsletter Nova-X Report and books such as “Overdrawn: The Bailout of American Savings”. Through his work, he uncovers nearly every major tech breakthrough since the personal computer, and many of his readers have made a fortune in the process. In his articles, he guides investors on tech opportunities for the biggest gains while safely protecting their retirements.

In addition to the Nova-X Report, he also writes for the Radical Technology Profits and helps open the eyes of those who want to gain life-changing wealth and have an eye for innovations. Mr. Robinson also worked for Defense Media Network and Signal Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and American Enterprise.

The book “Overdrawn: The Bailout of American Savings” was an in-depth analysis of the structure of the nation’s loan and savings crisis a long time before the word “bailout” found its place in our vocabulary. It is no wonder he is a respected member of Silicon Valley’s operations and recognized by many specialists in the area.

He has the status of an exemplary tech analyst with a spotless reputation. He was truly the first analyst to reveal the rare earth mineral crisis and the accumulated gains of 990% for his followers in just 16 months! Mr. Michael Robinson gained his Honors Economics Degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia. Besides his recognition for being an expert tech analyst, he is also an NRA Triple Distinguished Expert and an amazing blues guitarist.

More About Michael Robinson’s Work

We have already answered the question “who michael robinson is?” so now we will tell you a little bit more about his work. Below we have touched upon just 3 of his current projects.

  • The Nova-X Report

Through this monthly newsletter, Mr. Robinson puts you in touch with high-tech research and helps you understand key practices and methods of winning in tech investing. As an expert analyst, he only follows the most lucrative trends – including Big Data, mobile technology, the cloud, biotechnology, and much more. You do not have to dig through all the misinformation to find the truth. Each issue of the Nova-X Report shows the reader exactly how to capitalize on these opportunities for the biggest gains! Ready to subscribe? When you read the issues, you will be among the first to know about the radical tech innovations most investors have never heard of before.

  • Radical Technology Profits

The speed of innovations is drastically increasing, which means new products are hitting the market faster than ever before. Radical Technology Profits gives you the inside scoop of each tech trend that has the power to change the very fabric of our lives. The topics discussed include nanotechnology, robotics, aeronautics, and biotechnology sectors. Every month, the issue shares investment briefings, amazing opportunities, and instant sale alerts.

  • StrategicTechInvestors.com

The fact that the technology sector creates more billionaires than almost any other sector of the market is no secret. Right now, technology is about to get dramatically more lucrative, and investors must stay ahead of these innovations, so they are always current with what is happening and only make sound purchases. A mind-blowing array of new tech stocks hit the market almost every day, which means new opportunities you can profit from, with the expertise of Mr. Robinson. Every week, Mr. Robinson writes about major emerging trends, with a focus on helping you grow your net worth. Simply put, this project is here to put you directly in touch with high-tech research, analysis, stock picks, and strategies from a sector that can triple your retirement savings faster than any other sector on earth!

Michael Robinson is a giant in the tech investing industry and has over 30 years of experience. As a leading specialist and tech journalist, he has been at the forefront of just about every major emerging technology story of the last decade! Ready to upgrade your wealth building strategy with the help of his work? Contact us for more details.

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