One of the most awesome skills to learn is how to craft with leather. Leather crafting can be so much fun, and learning new techniques on how you can utilize leather in your life can actually save you a few bucks.

When you are working with leather, understanding how it works is the most important factor, but you also want to know tips on how to darken leather, and of course, get some inspiration and ideas on how you can use your leather skills to create something new.

Perhaps you are just playing around with ideas, or maybe you want to start a business, but whatever the case, here are 10 leather crafting ideas you can try!

#1. Compact Leather Wallet

Leather Craft Ideas

One of the most practical and popular things to make with leather is a leather wallet. It can be decorative, and they are actually pretty simple to make. As long as you have a bit of experience in the simplest sewing techniques we are sure you will produce gorgeous wallets!

#2. Leather Wrapped Flask

If you are not yet ready to go all out, something simple and good for practice is a wrapped flask, this is less functional, and more for aesthetic purposes, but makes for good practice!

#3. Bow Cuff

A really simple design that you reap benefits from, since you can wear it! It is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and will give you the leather practice you need! This is even a perfect crafting option for total beginners at leatherworking!

#4. Luggage Tag

As a beginner, you don’t want to be making anything too complicated, but you also want to be able to test your skills and make something functional. A luggage tag is perfect. It is simple, but requires a little bit of skill, enough to put your skills to the test.

It is also ideal for the leather making jet setter in your soul.

#5. Travel Wallet

Leather Craft Ideas

Maybe you want to make a wallet, but also want to make something good for travel, a travel wallet is the best choice for you, then! This is a happy medium, it is the perfect item to craft if you love travel, but wallet making sounds too good to pass up.

Simple, but with enough complexity that it can be a challenge. And, you can make it to the perfect size you need too!

#6. Camera Strap

Making something you actually need can actually save you from spending money on products with a high mark-up in a store. Camera straps, especially leather ones can come with a hefty price tag.

Why not make your own? Camera Straps are a great idea for newbies to make, it is simple and functional!

#7. Tote

No matter what your hobbies are and who you are, a tote bag is always useful. But, we always need more to help us carry more things, but why buy more bags when you can just make one?

So, think about maybe making your own, as you know you can make them sturdy enough to hold everything you need.

#8. Laptop Sleeve

In case you are still looking for a leather project that is big but not difficult, a laptop sleeve can be the ideal choice. Leather is also a very durable and good material for protecting delicate items such as your laptop.

Also, it can be a good project since it is big and not too fiddly, but also still requires skill and attention to detail. A laptop sleeve may even be a better option for a first project idea than a wallet or a travel tag

#9. Keychains

In case you are interested in the idea of making something out of leather which also requires stamping, a keychain can be a good but small project that can test your skills.

Keychains are usually small, so it does require attention to detail, however, it also requires less specific handiwork than some of the other items on our list.

#10. Leather Cuff

Leather Craft Ideas

Perhaps you would rather make something you can wear? Leather cuffs are slowly making their way back into fashion, and if it is your style, leather cuffs can actually be a brilliant idea to start off your leather crafting.


There are, luckily, plenty of online tutorials to help you make your first leather cuff. With leather cuff’s you can also be more creative, making them as simple or as detailed as you want, there are no limits to what you can do. So it is perfect for experimenting!