Leave To Join : Stephen Elop Ex Nokia CEO Paid $25 Million


β€œEx CEO Nokia joined Microsoft by paying off $25 Million to the company, become disappointed for who are not in its favor”

In Details:

Nokia has recently signed the contract with Microsoft for selling cell phones to this company, worth of Β£5.4 Billion and the specified the condition that Stephen Elop move to them.

This was the root of the controversy , when Nokia reminds the employment contract to the Stephen Elop ,that if he leave their company must have to pay heavy payment, and also call out the terms and condition violation effects.

Stephen Elop has paid dividends to both companies 30% to Nokia and 70% To Microsoft. His move to Microsoft cause the reason of anger and shook for the chairman of the Tech Company Nokia.

According to the latest report chairman of Nokia called Elop privately and ask him not to leave their company , and he insure him to give up the payment package.

When media ask Elop he clear the news of his move to Microsoft and he also mentioned that he is in surrounding by another issue regarding this wife divorce.

Elop is likely considering as the next CEO of the Microsoft company after the retirement of the current CEO Steve Ballme.

Elop has a big hand in taking up to Nokia Company , and Microsoft is also hopping that he will make big struggle story at their company.

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