There have been some strange laws throughout the years, such as how women weren’t allowed to vote before 1920. Susan B. Anthony fought for a woman’s right to vote and was arrested and fined in 1872.

Today, there still remain some strange laws, but there are also important ones as well. In legal terms, you might wonder what the difference between theft vs larceny is.

Well, you’re in luck! Read this article on the difference between these 2 today.



When you’re looking for a lawyer for larceny or theft, you might be curious about the differences. Theft is when you take someone’s items when you plan on taking them away forever. This can mean money, items, or even real estate.

It’s important to know that if it’s over a certain amount, then it could fall under grand theft. Grand thefts are often felonies, so you’ll want the best lawyer in this case.

Theft is:

  • Taking something without the permission of the owner
  • Taking someone else’s items
  • Planning on keeping it from the owner



Larceny is commonly viewed as taking someone else’s items without using force. While some states will treat it as theft, others won’t. Some states will view it as its own crime.

Larceny also has different degrees as well. Grand larceny is when there’s petty larceny or higher-valued items are taken.

How many larcenies you have will impact the trial. If you take multiple items, you might face a larger sentence than only taking one item.

Multiple items can also make it fall into a felony. If each item on its own falls under larceny, then you might face more than one misdemeanor count. This can then determine the sentence that you receive.

Theft vs Larceny, What’s the Difference?

While larceny can fall under theft, not all theft falls under larceny. Theft is an umbrella term that can include various types of stealing. Larceny can be viewed as the theft of personal property.

Each state will have its own terms and meaning when it comes to larceny vs theft. If you’re not sure which yours falls under, speak with an attorney near me now.

In the state of New York, larceny and theft can be used interchangeably. Some states will treat larcenies as felonies, while others will treat theft as larceny.

When You’re Ready To Hire an Attorney

When you’re ready to find a lawyer near me, you’ll want to have your questions written down. Keep the notebook with you and make sure that you take a look at the lawyer’s reviews and statements.

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After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the legal terms when it comes to larceny and theft. Speak with a lawyer today to ensure that you receive the right protection during your next trial.

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