Today, there are about 1.3 million people on active duty. In the reserves and civilian-military, you’ll find about 800,000 people.

When soldiers are deployed abroad, since there are so many, they tend to be forgotten about. As an American who wants to help them, you might be curious about what you can do.

While it might seem overwhelming choosing the different ways to help soldiers legally, there’s hope. Read on to explore the different ways that you can help soldiers abroad, legally.

1. Say Thank You

Say Thank You

When a soldier comes home they might need a lawyer such as Before they even arrive home, it’s a good idea to send a thank you card.

Many military members say that they feel isolated when they’re overseas. Send them a thank you card to show that you’re thinking of them and appreciate what they do.

2. Support Military Spouses

Support Military Spouses

Deployments are difficult for both the deployed soldiers, plus their families. The main challenge for military spouses is that the responsibilities around the home and child-rearing fall on them.

Reach out to military spouses in your area and offer to help. Whether it’s picking up groceries or cooking dinner these small acts of kindness will go a long way.

3. Care Packages

Care Packages

You can send care packages with their favorite food and drinks. It can include powdered drink mixes, ramen noodles, hot sauce, etc.

Include different snacks such as gummies, sunflower seeds, trail mix, and snack cakes.

Entertainment and toiletries mean a lot to them as well. This can include magazines, DVDs, books, and journals. Don’t forget about lotion, first aid kits, sunscreen, or pain relievers.

Once you have everything in, you’ll want to seal it in zip lock bags. Always use sturdy packages to keep the items safe. Military mail tends to have reduced postage, make sure to look into that.

Keep in mind that certain items aren’t allowed. Look into the different prohibited items for the post office.

Sometimes, certain boxes will get opened before they arrive to your loved one. You’ll also need to fill out the required customs forms before you send them off.

Keep in mind that holiday care packages might be delayed longer. Depending on the location of your loved one, it might take longer than other spots as well.

4. Donate


Donate to the USO centers around the world. These locations can include free phone calls, home-cooked meals, etc. When you donate, you’re helping to support comfort for the troops before or after deployment.

How You Can Help Soldiers When They’re Deployed Abroad

This guide should give you a better idea of how to support soldiers when they’re deployed abroad. Take your time deciding what’s the best option to help them out. Remember that showing you care and trying will mean a lot as it is.

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