There is no shortage of ways to consume marijuana. You can vape it, eat it, dab it, smoke it from a bowl, and even absorb it through your skin. However, perhaps the most popular way of consuming marijuana is to roll it up into a joint and smoke it. 

Don’t know how to roll a joint? We’ve got you covered. Below, we’re going to get into the specifics of joint rolling, helping you not only to create the joint of your dreams but to smoke it in as efficient a manner as possible. 

Materials Needed to Roll a Joint  

In order to roll a joint properly, you’ll need a number of different materials. These materials include the following. 

Marijuana Flower 

First and foremost, you’ll need marijuana flower. Flower is quite simply the word used to describe a collection of marijuana buds. View here to see it for yourself. 

Rolling Papers 

You’ve got to roll your joint in something. This is why rolling papers are a necessity.

There are all types of rolling papers on the market, some of which are flavored and some of which aren’t. We recommend starting with plain white rolling papers and then progressing onto other types as you become more familiar with the rolling process. 


A grinder is a tool used to grind marijuana flower into smaller pieces. These tools cost between $10 and $30 and are absolutely necessary for those who want to roll joints. 

Index Card 

If you’re going to create a crutch for your joint (recommended), you’re going to need a piece of thin cardboard. An index card will do the trick. 

Packing Device 

To ensure that your joint burns evenly, you need to make sure that its contents are packed snugly. To facilitate this task, you’ll need a long, narrow object. In most cases, a pen or pencil will get the job done. 

How to Roll a Joint: Step by Step 

Though it may seem simple, rolling a joint is actually a little more challenging than it looks. Failure to roll your joint correctly can result in quick, slow, or uneven burning. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you must follow the steps below in their entirety. 

Grind Your Flower

The first step in rolling a joint is grinding up the marijuana flower. While you have the option to cut the flower with scissors or tear it apart with your hands, grinding it accommodates it a more even burn. Therefore, it is recommended. 

To grind your flower, simply place a chunk of it in a grinder tool and twist it until it’s taken the form of a small mixture. When first starting, you’re advised to grind only a small amount. Then, once you’re a little more experienced, you can get crazy with it. 

Create a Crutch 

Next, you’ll need to create a crutch. A crutch is a small mouthpiece which fits on the end of a joint. While it’s not a necessity, it will help to facilitate drags, reduce burning sensations, and eliminate flower inhalation. 

To create a crutch, take your index card and rip off a small, rectangular piece. Then, roll that piece into a cylinder, leaving it open on both ends. To ensure that it remains rolled, crease it at a few different points. 

Put Marijuana in Rolling Paper 

Now, it’s time to place your marijuana on your rolling paper. Place the paper flat on a table in front of you, sprinkling ground marijuana on its center in a straight, narrow line. If you’re using a crutch, place it at one end of the paper, overlapping it.

Roll the Joint 

Now, it’s time to roll the joint. First, grab one side of the paper and wrap it tightly around the ground marijuana. Then, grab the other side of the paper and wrap it so that a cylinder is created.

When doing this, make sure that there are no loose spots in the wrap. At the same time, make sure that the marijuana is not packed too snugly. While loose spots can result in uneven burning, snug spots can result in the inability to take a hit. 

Roll the paper until there is none left to roll. Once you’ve done so, pinch it with your thumbs. 

Seal the Joint 

Now it’s time to finish up the joint. This is done by sealing it.

Lick the edge of the paper to give it an adhesive quality. Then, place it against the portion below. This is similar to licking an envelope. 

After you’ve done this, take a pen or other long, narrow item and, through the open end, push the ground marijuana toward the mouthpiece. This will reduce loose spots and facilitate a high-quality first hit. Then, after the marijuana is in place, twist the open end and start smoking. 

How to Smoke a Joint  

You might be shocked to hear that some people actually have trouble smoking joints correctly. However, like rolling joints properly, smoking them properly can be tougher than it looks. 

Start by lighting the end of the joint. When doing so, make sure to capture its entire width. If you don’t, only a small portion of your joint will light. 

Once its lit, grasp it between your index finger and thumb and place its non-lit end between your pursed lips. Once there, inhale sharply and allow the smoke to travel down into your lungs. This is key; If you don’t inhale the smoke to your lungs, the joint will offer little to no effects. 

Now, you don’t have to hold the smoke in your lungs for long. A second or two will do. Once this time has elapsed, breathe the smoke out through your mouth and your nose. 

And that’s all there is to it. Note, however, that joints can cause a burning sensation in one’s throat.

For this reason, when getting started, you’re advised to take it slow. Start with small hits and work your way up as you go. 

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