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Lights, Camera, Medical Degree: 8 of the Best Tv Doctors of All Time

Medical dramas are the bread and butter of good entertainment. They wouldn’t be as great though without those TV doctors.

What makes a good TV doctor? Is it their dashing good looks? Their ability to keep cool under pressure?

We think the best TV doctors are both of these things and more. That’s why we keep tuning in, week after week. We love to watch the drama of saving lives. It’s also fun to watch these doctors on TV manage their own drama.

TV doctors are a dime a dozen in entertainment but the best ones rise to the top and capture our hearts.

Keep reading to see who we think are the eight best TV doctors of all time.

The 8 Best TV Doctors of All Time

Not all these doctors are on medical dramas, but they all have a place in TV fame.

1. Shaun Murphey (The Good Doctor)

Dr. Murphey is the new kid on the block, both in the show and on this list. The Good Doctor premiered in 2017 and stars Freddie Highmore.

The drama is about a surgeon, Dr. Murphey, who is also an autistic savant. He has a superhuman ability to analyze a wound and diagnose the problem.

The show itself tries to do justice to the medical procedures they film. More than that, it shows how difficult it is to live with autism. Shaun comes from an abusive home, and it hurt his ability to interact with people. He’s still an amazing doctor, which is why he’s on our list.

2. Leonard H. “Bones” McCoy (Star Trek)

We’re jumping from realistic medical drama to the far reaches of outer space.

Bones is one of the most iconic doctors of all time. It’s not only because he always reminded us he was a doctor, not a [insert Kirk’s demand here]. He’s the chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise and an important part of the team.

While Bones has a great friendship with the daring Captain Kirk, he’s also a great foil for Spock. As grumpy as Bones was, his constant fights with Spock show his big heart. That kind of empathy is something all doctors need, not only TV doctors.

3. Mark Greene (ER)

It’s hard to pick only nine TV doctors when we could make a list of the best eight doctors from ER. Still, we decided that the best doctor for our list was Doctor Mark Greene, one of the heroes of the show.

Dr. Greene was the Chief Resident and heart of ER for eight seasons. We watched him succeed and fail. This made it that much harder to watch him die of a brain tumor.

4. J.D. Dorian (Scrubs)

For those of us who couldn’t handle the constant heart-stopping drama of ER or Grey’s, there was Scrubs. This poignant comedy was from the point of view of JD. He was an intern, a resident, and later a doctor, but most of all J.D. was a goofball.

He told stupid jokes, sang songs with his best friend, and did his best to survive life at the hospital. He also happened to be a good doctor, and it was fun to watch him come into his own as a medical professional. While he never rocked men’s scrub caps the way Turk did, we still loved J.D. for his wit and charm.

5. Hawkeye Pierce (M*A*S*H)

Another comedic doctor with a heart of gold was Hawkeye from the hit show M*A*S*H.

Hawkeye is one of the stars of the show, an alcoholic and a womanizer who resented the war he was a part of. Despite this, he and his fellow soldiers did their best to keep up morale.

Their antics are the reason the show is so well loved. The series finale of M*A*S*H broke records when over 100 million people tuned in to watch.

6. Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy)

Meredith Grey is the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, her character has made some questionable choices, but we keep watching.

Not only is Meredith Grey the Chief of General Surgery, but she’s also a friend and lover. Her conversation with Cristina coined a phrase that changed how we see relationships.

She’s almost died, got married, watched her loved ones disappear, and become a mother. Meredith Grey has been through it all, and we’ve loved watching her do it. If you need to catch up, you can sign up for an online streaming service.

7. Michaela “Mike” Quinn (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman)

While Jane Seymor is now famous for her Kay Jewelers collection and Wedding Crashers, she started off as Dr. Quinn.

Mike Quinn was the doctor in Colorado Springs during the time of “the old West.” She had to overcome sexism, bigotry, and other social issues to earn the trust of her patients. Eventually, she succeeded, and the show enjoyed six seasons of popularity.

While we’d prefer a modern medical doctor over someone in the Old West, Dr. Quinn got things done, and we loved her for it.

8. Gregory House (House M.D.)

Gregory House goes by his last name, and you’ll hear it often on his show. That’s because while Dr. House is brilliant, he’s also a jerk.

The premise of House M.D. is from the character Sherlock Holmes. Like the famous detective, House analyzes a situation and deduces the solution, no matter how outlandish. The problem is that he sees his patients less like humans and more as problems to solve.

House is one of the most brilliant TV doctors and help in how long MRI take times, but he’s not one we all want to be like. He gets the job done, but in the real world, doctors need more finesse than he has.

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