Are you looking to liven up your living room?

The living room is a place to gather with friends and family for comfortable relaxation. But now more than ever it’s having to play a multi-functional role.

People are working there and using it as an entertainment hub too. When you’re not an interior designer, it can be hard to work out how to balance everything.

That’s where we can help! Read on for 5 living room decorating tips to get started.

1. Set the Mood With Color

Set the Mood

The color you pick for your living room sets the tone for how people feel in that space. Different colors can relax or energize a space depending on its intensity. It also depends on if they’re warm or cool colors.

A good choice for a calm and cool feel is a color scheme of soft blue and white. This makes for an elegant gathering space while remaining relaxing for alone time. A light cream carpet adds warmth to help balance the space.

2. Choose Stylish But Practical Flooring

Another of our top decorating tips is to choose flooring with function in mind. Sure, you want to pick flooring that makes a visual impact but it has to be durable enough for daily life.

Some popular flooring choices include:

  • Hardwood
  • Carpet
  • Natural stone
  • Ceramic tile

You could pick something bold and patterned if you’re daring but neutral is also a popular choice. This allows your personality to shine through the artwork and accessories you choose.

3. Choose Your Focal Point

Choose Your Focal Point

A great, cohesive living room design always has a focal point. Sometimes this is a fireplace that symbolizes the hearth and home. Other times it could be the TV if the living room is the entertainment hub.

You could even use a stunning art piece or breathtaking view as your focal point. Whatever it is, this is what draws the eye when you walk it. It’s the center around which you should build your design.

4. Place Living Room Furniture for Conversation

Living rooms are a gathering spot so the best furniture layouts promote this. They help the conversation flow and encourage interaction. Avoid placing seating against the walls. Instead, gather them facing each other.

For larger open plan spaces you can break them into two smaller seating groups. This helps keep that comfortable, intimate vibe. You can pull in ottomans and chairs as you need them to expand the area.

Use side tables, coffee tables, and consoles to create storage and surface space. Once everyone settles down together they can have everything they need nearby. View these acrylic console tables for inspiration.

5. Finish the Mood With Lighting


Your decoration ideas will come to life with the right lighting. It should gear towards a comfortable and relaxed mood which you can do with layering. You want to overlap arcs of light to focus on the seating area.

Using table lamps that focus their light downwards encourages you to sit and rest. Position sources of light so they make a rough triangle. This will ensure great light distribution.

Living Room Decorating Made Easy

With these tips, living room decorating doesn’t have to be daunting. As it’s a communal space you want to think about layout and function first.

But that doesn’t mean you sacrifice aesthetics. Embrace your creativity and tailor this to your style and the mood you want for the room.

If you found this article helpful, check out our blog for more home decorating tips and tricks.

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