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Looking for a Good CNC Machine Shop for Your Product Development?

Prototyping is an essential part of product development, and a good CNC machine shop can play a big role. Wayken is a leading manufacturer with top-notch CNC machining services.

CNC Machining Can Provide a One-Stop Solution for Your Production Needs

Machining was once a manual process, which was quite tedious and time-consuming. As computers continued to develop, most machining facilities were eventually dominated by computer numerical controlled systems.

Now, almost all major industries rely on CNC machining for their manufacturing needs. It provides a reliable solution for prototyping to production of your products.

Some facts that make CNC machining an essential part of your production are stated below.

  • CNC machining by far provides the most accurate parts
  • Labor requirement is drastically reduced
  • Prototyping is much faster than traditional methods
  • Complex parts can be manufactured with ease
  • Low chances of human errors

Due to the perks of CNC machining, it has become an industry standard for product development.

Services Offered by a CNC Machine Shop

CNC Machining can contribute to many stages of your product development. The primary services offered by a CNC machining company are discussed below.

CNC Aluminum Machining

CNC Aluminum Machining is an advanced process for manufacturing parts with excellent precision and durability in a shorter time frame. It is the best solution for metal parts when quality is your primary concern.

As we know, CNC Machining is not expensive. But machining aluminum is much easier and cost-effective compared to steel parts.

Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling is a CNC machining process for creating molds. It is exceptionally faster and more efficient compared to any conventional mold-making techniques. It is usually used for making molds for Die Casting and Injection Molding.

Mold creation used to take a lot of time and labor before. But, rapid tooling has significantly simplified the mold-making process.

CNC Plastic Machining

Plastic is much more economical and lighter compared to metal parts. And the material properties of plastic is crucial in certain applications.

CNC machining is a great way to delievery high-quality plastic parts with high precision. It is significantly faster compared to the traditional techniques for making plastic prototypes.

Common CNC Machining Operations

Depending on the geometry of your product, different types of CNC machining operations may be carried out. A single part may need multiple machining operations. There are mainly three primary machining operations.


It is the most important machining operation for the rapid prototyping of parts. In this process, the workpiece is held stationary against rotary cutters to remove material for shaping it to the desired dimensions.


This is done by CNC lathes and shares somewhat the same principles. But, the workpiece rotated in this case, and the cutter is kept stationary. Turning is mainly used for the production of cylindrical parts.


Drilling is done to introduce circular holes in a part using a rotating drill bit. These holes are mainly provided for fasteners in parts. The tools used drilling have different features than those used for milling. Which is usually circular but can be square or other shapes as well. The drilling process are usually depending on CNC Machining operations carried out. However, there are other machining operations as well, such as boring, broaching, sawing, reaming, etc.

Different Type of Machining Equipment

CNC Machining operations can be done by a wide range of computer numerical controlled equipment. Some essential CNC Machining equipment is,

CNC Mill

CNC mills or milling machines are used for carrying out milling operations. These are the most vital machining equipment. There are different types of milling equipment available in the market with a varying range of functionality.

Milling machines are classified based on their degrees of freedom. The ability to move in a certain number of direction signifies the capability of a milling machine. They are usually named as 3/4/5/7-Axis CNC machines based on the number of axes the cutters can move in.


CNC lathes are used for creating circular features in parts. The operation carried out by a lathe is known as turning. It can create very finely polished parts with excellent precision. Lathe machine setup is usually custom build depending on the part’s geometry.


Routing machines usually have a 3-axis movement and used for cutting on large flat surfaces. These are very common and used for making designs flat surfaces as well. There are CNC routers with more axes and functionality available too.

Electrical Discharge Machine

Electrical Discharge Machine or EDM, uses electrical sparks for cutting. Repeated electrical discharge erodes the metal to the desired shape. This machine is ideal for metal that is hard to machine by equipment that uses a mechanical cutter.

Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutters have a similar working principle to routers. They are also used for parts with large flat surfaces. The only difference is, instead of mechanically removing materials, a plasma torch is used for cutting.

Laser Cutter

Although it sounds similar to the plasma cutter, it uses a laser for cutting. The laser is often used as an alternative to plasma cutters. Laser cutters are not so strong like a plasma cutter. But they have comparatively higher precision.

Wayken Rapid Manufacturing Has Vast CNC Machining Capabilities

Wayken has advanced machining facilities for Rapid Prototyping, CNC Machining, and Rapid Tooling. Our CNC machine shop is equipped with the latest technology machining equipment capable of handling any complex task.We provide our customers with a one-stop solution from prototyping to production. Our skilled team of engineers will help you make effective decisions for your projects and minimize production costs.Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we will ensure the best possible quality for you. So, you can count on us for all your low volume machining needs.

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